Do your enterprise applications belong in the cloud?

Get fast facts about Azure NetApp Files, how Microsoft has evolved its cloud capabilities, and what your mission-critical apps need when you migrate to Azure.

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Modernize & migrate applications to the cloud

You want to take advantage of all the opportunities a cloud-first strategy presents — performance, agility, scalability, security, and cost savings.

Unfortunately, you’re dealing with enterprise applications that were never designed to be run in the cloud.

This ebook outlines how Azure NetApp Files supports the four pillars necessary for successful enterprise application cloud migration:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Business continuity
  • Scale

Additionally, the ebook offers an alternative hybrid cloud option so that you can find the ideal solution for your organization.

Should I move my enterprise applications to the cloud? ebook

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What's inside


cloud strategy

Ways Azure NetApp Files can support your cloud strategy

With Azure NetApp Files, no workload is “un-migratable.” Organizations can now move critical workloads to the Azure cloud and achieve the same performance as expected on-premises.



Considerations for migrating enterprise data to Azure

One reason many enterprises are moving to the cloud is to ensure business continuity or business readiness. Having disaster recovery in the cloud ensures your data is ready for business as usual, even during the most unusual circumstances. With cloud, you can be ready at a fraction of the cost — only paying for it when you need it.


path to modernization

Your organization’s best path to modernization

Legacy infrastructure can keep you from delivering new experiences to your partners and customers. With Azure NetApp Files, you can get the scale, agility, and performance you need to modernize.