And so it begins…

By Kent Christensen, Practice Director

Flying into San Francisco for the start of VMworld, I came across a quote from Lord of the Rings. It’s the scene right before the epic battle for Middle Earth when the armies are converging, the rain starts pouring down, and Theoden looks into the distant and says “so it begins.”

OK, maybe a bit dramatic for a technology conference, but it rings home as I try to juggle the schedule to accommodate this week's highest priority tasks. With 18,000 attendees and hundreds of partners and sponsors, VMworld feels like the biggest conference of the year. Datalink will be at booth 2229 most of the week.

We have more than 100 customers attending various Datalink events including:

  • A dinner Monday evening
  • An exclusive event at AT&T Park
  • One-on-one briefings in our onsite meeting room
  • Numerous gatherings with local teams
Partner events including:
  • Speaking in two VMware sessions
  • Videotaping with joint customers
  • Speaking in partner booth (EMC)
  • Appearing in videos with NetApp, EMC, Cisco, and VMware
  • Participating in a joint promotion with Cloupia to give away Apple TVs
Datalink has more than 20 people attending to work with our joint partners and customers. If you are in San Francisco, stop by booth 2229, and say hello.