Update from Datalink labs

By Datalink

December isn't the best time to visit Minnesota[1], but I'll give the geography this kudo: it's flat. And for some reason they make a good buffalo wing out there, even though it's across the lakes from Buffalo, NY. Many miles away.

I was out there last week with [[UnnamedCustomerWhoWillNotBeNamed]], supporting some Lab work to help customer plan a heterogenous data migration from a few different storage platforms through HDS VSP.

We spent a day-and-a-half pushing the envelope (which is generally known as "Doing Technology the Wrong Way;" but that's what labs are for), and the rest of the time documenting the right way to ingest LUNs through the HDS VSP back-door and out through the front.

Sidenote: if you'd like to join the party, please do so – request an event in Datalink labs.

Customer went home on Friday indicating they had a pleasant and instructive time.

I learned much thanks to my peers facilitating the process: Sorbs, Wibstad, Newhouse and Sonderegger, and I look forward to seeing them at the Datalink Summit in a few weeks, where I can thank them properly.

Let's be careful out there. Regards, Rick

[1] Nor are November, January, February, March and sometimes April, May and October; it's frozen, and when it's not frozen it's merely cold and wet.