Transforming Data Centers One at a Time

By Kent Christensen, Practice Director

Congrats to Datalink for being the first NetApp partner to achieve its Data Center – FlexPod specialization. This was no small feat for field and corporate-based teams that are beyond busy doing their normal gigs. The press release has the full details. But in a nutshell, we’re the first of NetApp’s top partners to meet strict NetApp and Cisco competency requirement. Additionally, we've developed demo facilities, completed hands-on demos, and passed key best practices training for designing and deploying FlexPod architectures.

In 2011 alone, we deployed 14 complete (storage, network, and server) FlexPod solutions and helped 89 other companies in initial stage migrations to virtual data center architectures. And this year, no slow down is in sight.

Private cloud computing is more than a technology initiative. It’s much, much more. It changes the way business and IT work together, and how IT teams are organized. It’s been a long time since something as transformational as this has impacted the industry. And, I for one, am glad to be a part of it.