When IT Universes Collide

By Datalink

Article Summary: You may be the CIO or IT manager for a fairly complex IT environment. You also may already have begun moving your data center to a private cloud paradigm that offers greater efficiency and agility to meet your company's needs. While there are still a few challenges to work through, most days seem to run fairly smoothly. In the course of a week, however, the landscape changes. You are suddenly drawn into discussions with company management about a potential acquisition or merger in the works. How do you advise your company on the impact of bringing both IT worlds together, let alone how best to navigate, post-M&A, the smooth integration of the other company's IT assets with yours? As it turns out, a hybrid cloud paradigm – used in what I call 'swing-shift' mode – may be one way to mitigate risk when integrating IT worlds after a corporate merger or acquisition. Read full article at Cloud Computing Journal.