One of Datalink's best traditions is our annual Tech Summit. We put our executive, sales, and engineering teams together for several days to learn from each other. Our vendor partners take the opportunity to educate us on their major initiatives and strategies for the year. We, in turn, take our folks and have them learn from each other. Sales and engineering are invited to host sessions that discuss all of our major technology and strategy initiatives. For us, there's no better way to educate ourselves.

This year is particularly exciting. We've grown tremendously over the last couple of years. Here are some statistics:

Employees attending Tech Summit 318
Number of vendor partners present 35
General sessions 15
Vendor-led breakouts 18
Datalink-led breakouts 43
Customers in panel discussions 4
Industry analysts 1

Despite what you might think, we are going to be very busy during this time. It is Las Vegas, but it's really work. Really. We'll keep you apprised of Tech Summit happenings with tweets, Facebook posts, and maybe a video or two.

Stay tuned.