Datalink labs by the numbers

By Datalink

Welcome back! Time to share a few key numbers related to our demo/training/interop labs. In no particular order:

4 – The number of lab sites (or “nodes”) we have in our logically meshed lab grid. We have sites at our Minneapolis (Datalink Headquarters and Executive Briefing Center), Atlanta, Chicago, and Santa Clara offices.

About 500 – The number of demo/training/interop events we’ve hosted since we turned on our lab event tracking system, LabScheduler, in June 2009. That’s about five events per week on average.

650 – The number of pieces of “gear” tracked in Datalink labs (as of last week). LabScheduler tracks everything from servers, to partner hardware and networking components, to virtual machines, to packs of license keys and other logical assets we use.

20 – The number of technology partners who have gear represented in Datalink labs.

1 – The number of links you need to remember if you want to schedule an event to see how IT happens in Datalink labs 

35 – Current count of lab advocates (our awesome Datalink employee community of lab helpers, mentors, builders, part-time admins, documenters, and generally lab-passionate people).

We know you’re out there. Tell us what you’d like to see in Datalink labs. A live demo of a specific solution? Comment, or let me know.

Until next time, let’s be careful out there.

— Rick