Operational Effectiveness: Battling Constant Interruption

By Phil O'Konski, Practice Director of Managed Services

In this day of social media and multi-tasking, multiple websites have discussed the decreasing efficiency of handling multiple projects at once. Now imagine two different workload types being thrown at individuals: project and operational work. A typical administrator is burdened with multiple projects to meet deadlines, including software upgrades, application installment, performance tuning, capacity management, and new service integration.

Insert in the middle of this workload an alert that requires investigation into a down system. These alerts can halt all work, systems log-ins, monitoring reviews, and incident remediation. When resolved, effective problem management should be performed on documenting the issue, identifying root causes quicker, preventing the incident in the future, and reporting to upper management. When all is said and done, the administrator has to pick up the pieces on the project(s) they were working on, restart momentum, and communicate altered project schedules. It is a daunting task for any IT organization to balance resources effectively. Because of the constant interruption and ineffectiveness, operations will be a drag on employee satisfaction and morale.

With Datalink's Managed Services team, we have the luxury of focusing on operations 100%. We focus our efforts on building robust incident, change, and problem management processes. We are able to respond efficiently to incidents without ramification to projects. We have tools we continually maintain to ensure effective data capture, actionable alerting, and integration into Service Desk tools. Also, this team is enabled to react quickly to our clients' requests for changing their environments. Actions like provisioning a VM, changing a network configuration, and performing a restore are some of the actions we perform multiple times a day for our clients. As a result, clients who leverage Datalink Managed Services see an increase in project efficiency, service levels, and employee satisfaction.

Are your teams able to handle the challenge of constant interruption? Phil O’Konski Director, Customer Care & Development Datalink

Phil O'Konski
Director, Managed Services