Mistakes to Avoid When Migrating to the Public Cloud

By Datalink

Migrating workloads to the public cloud is a fairly straightforward operation. However, successfully capitalizing on the public cloud requires that you perform adequate due diligence in order to avoid the many common mistakes that can hamper a public cloud initiative. 

One problem that tends to plague public cloud migrations is unrealistic expectations. For example, public cloud resources and multicloud tools are not yet mature enough to allow workloads to move dynamically between platforms from different providers. If groups within your organization are expecting that kind of functionality, at best, they will be disappointed – at worst, they could initiate costly and unsuccessful maneuvers. Consequently, taking a realistic outlook on public cloud resources and capabilities is crucial.

Helpful resources on public cloud adoption
Failure to set expectations is just one of the common mistakes we have identified in our work with companies in a wide range of industries. We’ve documented them in a whitepaper titled “Public Cloud Workload Migration: 9 Common Mistakes to Avoid.”  Reading it can help you navigate common obstacles to a successful public cloud adoption.

As a follow-up to the whitepaper, we also recommend our ebook that explains the importance of laying the groundwork for a public cloud migration before taking action. Titled, “Key Considerations When Migrating Workloads to Public Cloud,”  it provides an array of insights including:
  • Empirical findings from surveyed IT leaders with public cloud experience
  • How to identify key business drivers and align them with cloud strategy
  • Tips for performing a workload assessment and identifying interdependencies
  • Cloud provider evaluation criteria and security considerations
  • Why support from the right, external partners is critical

The right way to migrate workloads to the public cloud
Taken together, what our whitepaper and ebook emphasize is that there is much you can do to mitigate risk and streamline the process as you prepare to move workloads to the public cloud. By doing your homework and enlisting the assistance of migration experts, you can help ensure that your initiative is fail-proof.