See inside Datalink Labs

By Datalink

Hello again! Some things are easier (and probably more effective) to show versus tell.

For our first Datalink Labs-related video we take a peek under the kimono to see what access looks like for the Datalink technologists[1] who use and maintain Datalink Labs.

Why am I showing you this? To start some dialogue regarding what you'd like to see next from the labs (demos, case studies, walking through one of our lab rooms with a steadicam, etc.) and spark some interest to click the show-me-the-labs button.

... and if you're a data center-, networking-, virtualization-, data protection-, business continuance-, all-around-IT-Jedi, seeing the toys we get to play with might inspire you to come work with us. There's that, too.

See you out there! -- Rick
Twitter: DatalinkLabs

[1] Datalink engineers, architects, consultants, customer support, product and practice managers