Welcome. Let’s explore Datalink Labs.

By Datalink

Greetings, friend. I'm Datalink Staff Engineer Rick Shangle, and I am pleased to have this opportunity to yammer with you via Datalink's blogtwittertubesystem.

What is a Datalink staff engineer? I'm basically one of our CIOs private engineers. That currently means doing intellectual property work for the company's various technical groups – field engineering, customer support, and product and practice management.

I'll mostly be blogging about Datalink Labs. But since this is a conversation, the precise form of things is not entirely known because it will largely be determined by you. What I currently suspect might happen:

  • Other guest bloggers and I will show you things about Datalink's Internet-enabled, community-driven labs... a system we call (wait for it) Datalink Labs. There was a vote, and we decided that ninja- or Tron-related names (my choices) weren't suitable for an environment shown to people we're trying to impress.
  • You'll learn about what Datalink Labs can do for you, as well as how we feel it benefits our partners and our tech community within Datalink.
  • Awesome socialization happens in this cloud of topics.

One promise I aim to keep... the blog won't follow the dense, agonizing and often impenetrable formats of some other blogs that may appear when Googling my name. Those were all written by my arch-nemesis: Verbose Rick Shangle. Those bloggerings of the past could be considered anti-social media.[1]

Now – a song to kick things off. Yes, a song. A Datalink Labs-centered song, of course. Datalink Labs Song One

Let's be careful out there. Also, check out and follow the DatalinkLabs Twitter feed.


[1] A phrase I stole from an admired colleague who I believe will also be blogging here