An update from EMC World

By Datalink

This week, our team is meeting with customers and soaking up the latest details on EMC at EMC World 2012 in Las Vegas.

On Monday, we heard firsthand about the size and scale of EMC’s ability to roll out new products. The announcement marks the company’s largest-ever, single-day launch of transformative products and technologies. Leveraging $4 billion in research and development and recent acquisitions, EMC introduced 42 new models or enhancements across most of their product lines – all with a focus on the cloud and big data.

Here’s a quick-hit summary of the highlights from the opening keynote:

  • The VMAX Family: The new high-end 40000 series of enterprise storage array doubles performance and capacity, and offers a new unisphere configuration for the web-based GUI. Complementing the VMAX is a host of new software that streamlines operations, extends VMAX to new hosts and applications, and enables integration of existing storage assets into a unified pool of storage resources.
  • Enhancement to VNX unified storage: The new VNXe 3150 delivers 50-percent more performance and capacity per rack unit. New application sync software simplifies management in virtualized environments. And through an extended partnership between EMC and VMware, analytics for VNX will be available.
  • The Isilon OneFS scale-out NAS operating system: Customers will receive better support with new levels of data protection, security, system performance, and interoperability.
  • Enhancements to EMC Atmos Cloud platform: These changes will transform the way customers manage big data in large, globally distributed cloud storage environments. And the new Atmos Cloud Accelerators allow data to move in and out of Atmos-powered clouds faster and easier.
  • Data Domain DD990: This new release offers 31 TB/hour of backup performance and 1.8 PB of capacity.
  • Combination of VPLEX virtual storage and RecoverPoint data protection: This combination is the industry’s first solution to combine active-active data centers with third-site disaster recovery protection – thus defining a new standard for hybrid cloud availability and protection.
With these new products and enhancements, EMC is providing a new level of IT efficiency and agility to data centers. We’re excited to see the potential benefits – namely ease and speed – that customers can gain from these new solutions for the hybrid cloud and big data management.