Introducing the new managed monitoring service

By Phil O'Konski, Practice Director of Managed Services

Hi, I’m Phil O’Konski. I’m the director of managed services integration at Datalink. I’ll be joining my counterparts in this blog space and will be offering data center monitoring insights from time to time. Most often, my posts will reflect key considerations and best practices, as well as related conversations with IT organizations about data center monitoring.

In college, I used to tinker with an 1980 Pontiac Sunbird. I got under the hood and fixed the car. I replaced an alternator, water pump, and changed my oil. Without a constant maintenance schedule, my college car would not get me to school and work. As I got older, I began to value my time too much to tinker with my cars (plus there are too many electronics to do it right). Now, I take them to a service center to get oil changes and other fixes.

The same can be said of monitoring solutions. Monitoring solutions are not a revenue generator for IT, and as a result, usually get a low amount of attention. However, when they're needed, they better work. Monitoring solutions take care and feeding, and are only as good as their configuration. The worst thing to happen is finding out you missed an alert or data when you're troubleshooting an outage or modeling for the future. And as companies adopt integration architectures and automation, they become more reliant on this information.

Today, we announced the launch of our managed monitoring service offering. It is manned with people dedicated to configuring monitoring and developing dashboards and reports for our customers. It's monitored by our 24x7 Datalink OneCall Support Services. This persistent observation and dedication of resources provide a deeper level of expertise into monitoring environments than most companies can provide themselves. In the end, our service delivers the visibility our customers desire, while reducing their operational workload so they can focus on delivering value to their businesses.

Check out the managed monitoring service solution brief to learn more.