How Generative AI Tools Are Fueling the Modern Work Revolution

By Anna Donnelly, Services Product Manager

This blog post was co-authored by Anna Donnelly and Joe Flynn.

The integration of generative AI into everyday tasks will revolutionize the modern workplace and is changing how organizations think about the future of work. These tools have the power to help teams boost productivity by significantly reducing time spent on repetitive tasks and redirecting precious time and efforts to business-generating initiatives.

Last week we introduced you to Microsoft 365 Copilot. In this blog, we’ll go beyond productivity tools to discover Microsoft’s family of Copilot solutions that help save time, enhance productivity and more.

Impacts of generative AI tooling on modern work

When first introduced into the digital landscape, the generative AI tool ChatGPT sparked discourse across industries and around the world. Its implications for the work environment required organizations to redefine how employee productivity was previously understood. Would this new tool replace jobs? Or, conversely, could these new tools help facilitate repetitive tasks, leaving employees with more time to focus efforts where most needed?

In an Insight Live webcast this year, CEO Joyce Mullen weighed in on the applications of generative AI tooling to the modern workplace. She expressed its ability to “…eliminate some of the soul-sucking jobs that we have in our organization. Jobs that don’t create joy for any of our teammates, jobs that nobody’s excited about doing but are required because of X, Y and Z.”

Additionally, generative AI tooling (like the internally produced generative AI GPT “Insight GPT” launched to 13,000+ teammates globally) can be leveraged to augment the productivity of teammates. When used correctly, generative AI and GPT-like solutions can enhance team efficiency by increasing well-informed decision-making and eliminating hours of repetitive work.

Once vetted for accuracy, these tools can be employed within various teams (operations, finance, sales and more) to provide the best insights that help teammates better understand how to generate the most value out of their workdays.

Like ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot solutions provide AI-infused enhancements to the modern work environment. These offerings act as efficiency game changers for today's workforce, operating alongside Microsoft solutions to help connect employees with expert-level information.

Here are a few Microsoft Copilot solutions at a glance:

  • Bing Chat Enterprise

    Bing Chat Enterprise is a ChatGPT solution that is private to your organization within the Edge browser or logged into with your Microsoft 365 credentials. Bing Chat Enterprise is included with Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 licensing or can be purchased separately for organizations not using Microsoft 365.

  • Windows 11 Copilot

    This Copilot essentially brings the power of Bing Chat Enterprise onto your Windows 11 desktop along with controls that help you manage your operating system. Ask it to do things like “Turn off Dark Mode” or “Turn off Notifications,” control any change that’s located in your settings and more.

  • Sales Copilot

    Formerly Viva Sales, Sales Copilot integrates with CRMs for clients using Salesforce or Dynamics 365 to bring the power of AI to every aspect of your sales organization. Gain powerful insights from client conversations, automate and simplify tasks like updating client records, access sales intelligence that helps identify opportunities and more.

  • Dynamics 365 Copilot

    Bring the power of generative AI to your operations with features such as task and case automation for Dynamics 365 Customer Service, purchase order generation and optimization in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, and more.

  • GitHub Copilot

    Developers, this one’s for you. GitHub Copilot draws from the collective knowledge within GitHub to give developers a tool that provides more than just simple AI-generated code. It suggests code snippets based on your comments or existing code, works with my languages and frameworks, and automates testing, documentation and more.

  • Security Copilot

    With Security Copilot, you can easily identify and resolve security risks in your environment using natural language. Simply ask, “How many vulnerable devices exist in my environment?” to locate risks and then automatically take action.

Interested in learning more about what’s possible with Microsoft Copilot? Check out this webcast.

Microsoft Copilot: Providing tangible value to employees

With Microsoft Copilot solutions, employees can use natural language to configure and interact with complex systems and data more efficiently. Different Copilots serve different purposes ranging from identifying vulnerabilities to updating software, accelerating automation, language translation and processing, and more. Microsoft Copilot solutions let teams get more from their complex systems than they would have previously been able to without expert-level knowledge.

Determining AI accuracy

It is crucial to remember that the quality of information fed to all generative AI tools, including Microsoft Copilot solutions, ultimately determines its effectiveness. These generative AI tools may get users 70% of the way there — but the other 30% is up to individuals to double-check each output for accuracy.

One way to generate accurate responses from your GPT or Copilot solution is through the process of prompt engineering. According to McKinsey, prompt engineering is the practice of designing inputs for generative AI tools that will produce optimal outputs.1 One of the most valuable adoption exercises you can undertake is to help build AI competency among your end users through knowledge of prompting.

Get ready for Microsoft Copilot with support from Insight.

Challenges with employee productivity can lead to lowered profit, delayed projects and limited innovation. Generative AI solutions can bridge the gap to help employees make the most of their time and talent. Discover how Insight helps clients leverage GPT and Microsoft Copilot solutions to imagine a future without repetitive work.

The future of modern work starts today. Learn how Insight can help your business get the most from Microsoft Copilot solutions.



1 McKinsey & Company. (2023, Sept. 22). What is prompt engineering?