Modern Applications: Full-Cycle Development at Your Fingertips

By Ben Westmoreland, Senior Manager, Solutions

When it comes to setting your organization up for success, a great place to start can be within the realm of software development. At Insight, we have expertise in Modern Apps — a broad practice that focuses more on the build and deploy areas of applications. But on the modern apps journey, we’ve found that there are two critical areas that are often considered: application modernization and intelligent applications. 

Let’s unpack the synergy between modern apps, application modernization, and intelligent applications — and how each area can benefit your business. 

Zooming in on modern apps

Organizations today are challenged to constantly evolve with changing technology and to keep up with their competition. Modern companies must be able to embrace and empower innovation to address their most urgent business needs. Modern apps is about building and deploying cloud and/or web-based apps to meet those needs. 

Clients that are looking for our Modern Apps services aren’t necessarily starting from zero. Many already have an idea or unfinished development project that needs to reach the finish line through the most efficient path. 

Working with a partner like Insight ensures access to the expertise and resources needed to future-proof applications, minimize tech debt, and deliver fresh user experiences. At Insight, our teams can handle the entire development process: from strategy to development, user research and testing, deployment, management, and beyond.  

Unpacking the benefits of modern apps 

Leaning on a wealth of expertise and resources — throughout the entire development journey — is critical to success. This allows for quickly realized value from an investment and fast delivery of what the customer wants. 

Leveraging agile development cycles that are transparent and iterative is also a key to success with modern apps. This allows impactful adjustments to be made throughout the process and fosters continued innovation.  

Our Modern Apps offerings can also unlock competitive advantage for our clients by applying new and emerging tech that competitors might not have tapped into yet. Insight’s experts are focused on business outcomes and user-centered design, so both the client and its customers are pleased with the result. 

Application modernization: A key part of your strategy

Application modernization and the question of cloud migration frequently come into play on our clients’ modern apps journey. Application modernization is the process of assessing an existing environment — which is often complex and multilayered — to determine the best path forward. After all, each business relies on many existing applications, and it can be tough to know which apps to rehost, retire, refactor, and so on.    

Taking the time to understand the needs and requirements that impact your application portfolio can help you take a more thoughtful approach to modernization.

Fitting intelligent apps into the modern apps picture

For organizations wanting to take their modernization to the next level, intelligent apps might be their answer. Intelligent apps leverage the most cutting-edge technology by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other innovative uses of data. ML and AI can help create more efficient systems and continually respond to user needs. In the right use cases, these technologies can increase productivity, response times, and even safety. 

One of our clients, a large airline, deployed a new tracking system with the help of intelligent apps — using real-time data to proactively monitor equipment and minimize the use of parts at the end of their lifecycle. This is just one example of how intelligent apps can allow companies to drive differentiation in their respective markets.

Putting it all together 

Modern Apps is Insight's answer to organizations being challenged to stay ahead of their competition and delight their users. Our team has experts in strategy, design, development, and deployment so no matter the stage, your organization is set up for success. For those looking to transform their business through machine learning or artificial intelligence, our intelligent apps sector is equipped for the job. 
Whether your organization doesn’t know where to start or has lost its way in the development process, we’re here to help — for more about Modern Apps, click here.