4 Major Signs Your Organization Will Benefit From As a Service

By Kent Christensen, Practice Director

Today’s IT leaders face a multitude of challenges — from navigating cloud vs. on-premises strategies to preserving capital and ensuring the business can scale and keep up-leveling. The balance between seeking innovative solutions while optimizing the day to day is a tale as old as time.

Working with clients, we’re finding that an as-a-service approach has become a massively powerful growth engine. It’s helping them build resilience, gain peace of mind during turbulent times and reallocate resources toward innovation.

How could your company benefit? Let’s explore the top signs that indicate as-a-service solutions might be exactly what your organization needs to drive focused growth.

1. You’re rethinking capital expenses.

Is your company considering freeing up capital or reducing upfront expenses? The as-a-service model provides a compelling alternative to traditional capital investments. Instead of purchasing hardware, software licenses or infrastructure outright, you can subscribe to the services you need. This shift from a capital expenditure (CapEx) to an operational expenditure (OpEx) model is significantly alleviating the financial burden on the clients we work with, offering a more efficient way to access critical resources.

Many of our clients view the shift from CapEx to OpEx as a strategic reallocation play. It enables you to invest in areas that drive growth and innovation, rather than tying up capital in fixed assets. Whether it's Network as a Service (NaaS), Storage as a Service (STaaS), SaaS applications or other cloud-based services, as-a-service solutions facilitate this shift extremely well.

2. Your organization wants the agility & flexibility of a cloud model.

It’s more difficult than ever to forecast and budget the correct amount of infrastructure in a rapidly changing world. Most organizations overbuy — or underbuy then overbuy a premium to align — what they actually need over a long period of time. Cloud offers the agility to simply pay for what you use when you use it. However, cloud for applications that are powering many organizations (virtual machines, databases, etc.) can be very expensive and difficult to transition to. Consuming Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) gives you the agility of a flexible pay-as-you-go model for what you use, without the risk and complexity of moving those applications to a new environment that was not designed for most legacy applications.

3. You need to reduce risk in an uncertain/challenging time.

Uncertainty in business and the cloud is a big source of anxiety for IT leaders right now. As a service can help reduce risk by providing a reliable and adaptable infrastructure. With as a service, you can easily adjust resources to match fluctuations in your business environment. This ensures that your operations remain stable even in fluctuating times without the risk of overcommitting to resources; it also offers the flexibility to scale resources up or down as needed.

This liquidity can be a lifeline in challenging market conditions, ensuring your company's resilience and agility. Whether it's scaling up your network infrastructure, deploying additional software licenses or expanding your cloud computing capabilities, as a service helps you do that rapidly and without the constraints of traditional procurement processes. This agility enables you to capitalize on market upswings and adapt to evolving customer demands — so that you remain competitive even in challenging times.

4. Your organization is experiencing transformational activity (such as mergers & acquisitions).

Mergers, acquisitions and other significant business transformations are pivotal moments that can shape the future of your organization. They present both opportunities and challenges, and how you manage these changes determines your success.

As-a-service solutions support our clients during these critical phases of their business journeys. Simplifying integration is one major benefit of this approach: Merging two distinct organizations or integrating new entities into existing structure is a complex process, and as-a-service offerings provide a unified, adaptable framework for IT needs, lifting the burden of costly hardware procurements, and seamlessly connecting and merging IT resources. Another big benefit of an as-a-service approach is that it helps conserve capital and provides predictability during a period of transition when financial stability is so important.

As you consider your unique drivers, Insight can help.

The clients we’re working with are seeing new financial flexibility, predictable monthly payments and a cost-effective way to modernize and scale. Insight’s partnership with leading storage providers and comprehensive expertise in end-to-end IT solutions allow us to deliver cost-effective, agile infrastructure to support growing clients.

Several of Insight’s partners provide as-a-service offerings spanning on-premises and hybrid cloud environments. Clients can subscribe for the amount of storage and compute hardware required, and benefit from on-premises cloud consumption services as well as bursting capabilities to public cloud.

We bring exceptional storage, compute and managed services expertise to the table, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of add-on services for clients seeking help with cloud strategies, workload migrations, workload assessments and much more. Whether on-premises or in a hybrid cloud, Insight has a robust skill set and portfolio for clients leveraging as-a-service offerings.

Discover your potential with an as-a-service approach. Insight helps clients identify where a consumption-based service fits best and tailors a solution that maximizes ROI.