What VMworld in Vegas Reinforced about IT Transformation and Leadership

By Kent Christensen, Practice Director

VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas recently concluded, and as always when our team attends trade shows, we came home having connected with many clients, prospects, and partners. 
This year’s theme for the show was “be_TOMORROW,” which is a concept we’ve been talking about for some time now at Datalink. The world of IT is changing faster than ever before. In the past, you might have had time (many months, maybe even years) to consider your next IT transformation without any concern that the market would pass you by. That’s no longer the case.

The key to staying competitive

To stay competitive in today’s environment, you must focus on how the IT landscape is evolving and have a strategy for staying ahead of the curve. Your competitors are doing so, and they’ll gladly take more market share if you don’t continue to improve the customer experience and prove that you are a leader in your space. And being a leader means making decisions and developing strategies that align IT with business initiatives. This can include mobile, digital, and other existing and emerging technologies. You must also effectively leverage the cloud and pull great intel from your analytics.
The VMware-produced content for the VMworld show focused on its strategies for supporting customer initiatives, which include the software-defined data center, mobile, etc. VMware provided a progress report on applications like SDDC including vRealize/Cloud, NSX, VSAN, and mobile. I believe, as others seem to, that good progress was made with NSX over the last year. Clearly, VSAN has evolved as well.

Looking ahead: some major announcements

The show provided more than just a progress report, however. Much of the content was very forward-looking. There were a number of big announcements regarding new interactions and integrations with top players in the IT space. I’ll provide details on what was shared in my next post.
For our part, we had great conversations with attendees about how Datalink can help them take advantage of new technology and well-designed solutions. Companies know they need to better manage workloads, improve service levels, and take the lead in producing outcomes that enable businesses to achieve their objectives. Those discussions are continuing in earnest now that everyone is back home and eager to turn ideas into action.
If you’ve got questions about how to make your IT organization a better partner to the business and a recognized leader in your company’s success, contact us today to get the conversation started.