Power BI With Insight: Empowering Remote Teams to Achieve a Data-Driven Culture for Actionable Insights

By Kory Mills, Business Intelligence Architect

We’ve all heard it before: establishing a data-driven culture is at the heart of any successful organization trying to drive business value from data. This shift has to be done carefully and gradually through changing of behaviors rather than changing control — moving progressively along the analytic maturity curve.

When it comes to modernization in Business Intelligence (BI) — the way businesses gather and leverage multiple data points to derive insights that guide decisions for business success — agile and forward-thinking companies are using Microsoft Azure and the Power BI suite of tools. But implementing a successful BI environment that manages day-to-day reporting needs, navigates across siloed operations and behaviors, and drives actionable insights continues to be demanding on remote teams in this evolving BI environment.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a robust, self-service business analytics service created by Microsoft. It’s a model-based suite of reporting tools that was created with the business user’s needs in mind. Through interactive visualizations and advanced business intelligence capabilities, Microsoft's service empowers businesses to create their own reports and dashboards to unlock more value from their data.

Anyone can download Power BI Desktop for free and create compelling visuals on report pages. Paying for the license allows you to share and collaborate on your reports and dashboards with your end users and teammates.

Why Power BI + Insight

There are many reports out there that provide insights from data…but if the insights aren’t actionable in a clear and tangible way that aligns with business objectives, then they are worthless. To achieve actionable insights from the available data, a business needs careful governance and development strategies to help create actionable reports that align with the organization’s vision to ultimately meet customers’ needs.

Deploying Power BI can be a complex task that requires strong planning and strategy to ensure security, governance, and user adoption, and to guarantee optimal business value. Insight helps organizations leverage the strengths and features of Power BI while addressing the gaps and challenges that can arise when implementing BI modernization across their organizations with the Power BI Workshop.

Insight’s Power BI Workshop delivers guidance for optimizing your Power BI investment, helping organizations to align BI configuration with the current data estate and to provide actionable insights in alignment with business goals, with the overarching goal to grow the organization’s analytic maturity to better serve customers.

How Insight’s Power BI Workshop helps organizations on the path of BI modernization

Service overview

Insight offers more assistance for business analytics even beyond the Power BI Workshop. Organizations can also turn to Insight for a Power BI Health Check or BI Consulting Services.

Power BI Workshop

  • Who it’s for: Organizations that are new to Power BI or ready to maximize their Power BI investment

  • What it is: A 2.5-day Insight team-led workshop delivering hands-on experience learning Power BI
  • What you’ll do: Develop visualizations and intelligence implementations that integrate with your current data estate; discover best practices for Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service (Cloud), and Power BI Security

Power BI Health Check

  • Who it’s for: Organizations working with Power BI that are looking to hit the next level of analytic maturity growth

  • What it is: A case-by-case partnership to optimize specific assets of the organization’s Power BI utilization
  • What you’ll do: Address current challenges and concerns; improve the end-user experience, productivity, and maintenance, and optimize utilization

BI Consulting Services

  • Who it’s for: Any organization just beginning with BI and/or desiring a holistic assessment of their current BI environment

  • What it is: Evaluation and recommendations from Insight’s architects on the organization’s governance, strategy, and development of BI capabilities
  • What you’ll do: Tailor the outcomes of your consultation to meet your desired outcomes

If you’re interested in learning how to drive more actionable insights from your Power BI environment, discover more about Insight’s Power BI Workshop here.