From execution to strategic partnership


Committing to a single partner is not a casual decision. 

Trust is paramount. Reputation, resources, and capabilities are key. We proudly offer our Enhanced EAs (Enterprise Agreements) only to select groups with whom we’ve built a strong base of mutual respect and dedication. Together, we can accomplish almost anything.

Our program goals:
Defined targets help guide our transition from large execution team to integrated strategic partner.

The program works to:

  • Drive adoption of new, value-adding technology
  • Accelerate innovation and ingenuity
  • Lower overall cost and standardize the budget cycle
  • Reduce complexity and simplify the environment
The approach graphic

The approach

We drive success in each of four main areas. Program administration is central and pervasive, helping us to verify solution efficacy through tracking and reporting adoption rates, cost savings, and key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Solution Architecture — Collaboratively identify technology solutions that innovate, improve, or remediate business and technology processes.

Solution Validation — Validate, test, and pilot solutions in a combination of assessment environments (e.g., lab, controlled clinical setting, etc.).

Education — Educate impacted user and operational communities to foster solution adoption and ensure identified business and technology benefits are realized.

Implementation — Plan and deploy target solutions utilizing appropriate resources to meet cost and timeline objectives. 

Taking it live

Our approach becomes realized in a multi-phase, client-focused workstream. Your organizational goals and needs customize the activities, timelines, design, and deliverables.
Our approach timeline
1. Vision development workshop

This sets the stage for the work to come. With a group of executive sponsors and business stakeholders, we co-create a vision for what is possible.

  • Identify business objectives
  • Plan and prioritize work streams
  • Set timelines and define milestones
2. Discovery and assessment

We begin making the vision tangible by gathering information, pinpointing gaps, and evaluating current state.

  • Interview and host Q&A with stakeholders
  • Review and evaluate baseline
  • Plan labs and solidify requirements
3. Solution architecture

We begin making the vision tangible by gathering information, pinpointing gaps, and evaluating current state.

  • Map out solution architecture
  • Perform impact and cost analysis
  • Develop planning, design, implementation and operational run books
4. Solution validation

This critical phase tests the solution architecture – often in a controlled lab setting – to ensure performance.

  • Validate design and solution
  • Review and certify software
  • Chart and assess dependencies
5. Technology adoption

Using the new architecture requires adoption and support on two levels: operational and end-user.

  • Educate and train admins and end-users
  • Host workshops and provide support
  • Modify processes, tools, and skillsets as needed
6. Limited deployment

With one wave of validation and training under our belts, we deploy the solution in a micro-setting.

  • Deployment pilot program
  • Gauge success with limited risk
  • Final validation of architecture
7. Implementation

More than simply turning a switch, this phase requires tight coordination of resources and specialists.

  • Leverage proven project management methodologies
  • Oversee solution providers
  • Begin KPI measurement and validation
8. Operational turnover

Transition from project to new environment. Position owners in more permanent roles with defined responsibilities.

  • Educate and turn over ownership
  • Review design, validation and implementation
  • Evaluate business objectives
9. Feedback

This is the start of an ongoing feedback and modification loop for continual process improvement.

  • Solicit and analyze end-user feedback
  • Optimize through tool dev and adoption
  • Support escalations

10. Measurement and reporting

Proven and customized tools offer insights to drive innovation and transformation.

  • Define and assess trends
  • Measure KPIs
  • Host quarterly, executive steering reviews
11. Where we arrive
Experience a simplified, managed environment built for your organization.

Cisco value delivery

Our mature and differentiated Cisco partnership brings immense value to our clients.

  • Cisco Gold Partner
  • Trailblazer partner
  • 21-year partnership
  • 1,000+ Cisco certifications
  • 70+ EAs across all architectures

Benefit directly from:

  • Global scale and local presence
  • Customized implementation and adoption tools
  • Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard
  • 1,200+ consulting & service delivery professionals
  • A program with a 100% client renewal rate

Case study 

Not long ago, a multinational conglomerate with commercial, consumer, engineering and aerospace divisions sought our help in meeting new compliance demands. Though the firm solicited guidance from a number of other potential advisors, they opted to work solely with us. Today, they are eager to share how our program accelerated technology integration, prioritized their business needs, and enabled rapid evolution.

Read the case study

IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.