Cloud Security webinar featuring Forrester

Responsibilities, requirements and strategies for a stronger cloud security environment

As cloud use becomes increasingly complex with multicloud and hybrid models, the lines of responsibility easily become blurred between cloud providers and cloud consumers. Ultimately,
the responsibility for a secure, compliant environment comes down to consumers and end users.

Watch our webcast featuring Forrester for insights into today’s cloud security trends and challenges and methods for strengthening your approach to comprehensive cloud security, compliance and governance.

You will learn:
  • The basics of cloud provider security, including what you get and what you need
  • Key elements of cloud security from identity governance to application security
  • How to effectively apply cloud control frameworks for compliance
  • How to take a tiered approach to cloud governance tasks

Cloud Security Webinar featuring Forrester

Cloud Security webinar June 2022.

View the webinar featuring Forrester.
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