Forrester report: The State Of Privacy And Data Protection, 2021

Analysis of recent trends impacting data security and compliance


As the threat landscape evolves and organizations house more data across their entire environment, data protection, threat mediation, and recovery are more important than ever.

Forrester writes, “Organizations can learn from the patterns behind data breaches, exposure, and misuse to evaluate their current practices and controls for data protection. This helps you to make better technology investment decisions to achieve the operational efficiency necessary to enable privacy by design and deliver value beyond compliance.”1

Read the Forrester report “The State Of Privacy And Data Protection, 2021” for insights into strengthening your data protection and recovery strategy.

We believe you will learn:

  • The role of third-party security in data breaches
  • The impact of lost or stolen assets on data security
  • The breakdown of causes of confirmed breaches in 2020
  • The importance of data protection technology for compliance
  • The value of creating a culture that rewards whistleblowers

The State of Privacy And Data Protection, 2021

1The State Of Privacy And Data Protection, 2021, Forrester Research, Inc., August 2, 2021.

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