Forrester report:
Vision Report: The Future Of The Office

Turn your office into a networked employee engagement engine.

In the changing world, employers are still deciding what the future of their office space will look like, with nearly two-thirds of companies evolving to embrace new workplace flexibilities. Forrester writes that, “The purpose of in-person work is being contested; leaders and workers don’t always agree when or why it should happen.”

Even though flexible work arrangements have been shown to strengthen employee engagement and retention rates, some employers are maintaining their strict adherence to in-office policies.

As Forrester explains, “Not all jobs can be done remotely, but employees often welcome hybrid work policies for those that can.”

We believe this report tells you how to:

  • Understand the various models of office structure.
  • Shift activities from a physical office into an office of the future.
  • Reimagine office spaces as resources for an anywhere-office strategy.

Forrester Report: The Future Of The Office

The Future Of The Office, September 2022.

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