SnapStart — Complete Demo Series

SnapStart — Complete Demo Series

SnapStart discovery engine is a proprietary discovery and analytics tool for finding and mapping IT assets faster and more accurately than any other tool we’ve tested. Working with other tools like Power BI, SnapStart empowers important data-driven decisions for everything from cloud deployments to data center moves and consolidations to cost optimization efforts. Watch these videos to find out how.

CMP Essentials Demo

With Insight Cloud Care’s Essentials service level, you can monitor and manage your cloud estate simply through your Cloud Management Platform. Watch this brief demo video to learn how to navigate your platform and perform basic tasks, such as submitting and reviewing incidents, checking resource utilization, and evaluating your cloud financials.

CMP Advanced Demo

With Insight Cloud Care Advanced, you can use your Cloud Management Platform dashboard to complete a host of important management functions. Watch this demo video to learn how to navigate various functions related to issue remediation, including how to submit an incident, review in-progress incidents, and check case status, as well as how to manage and monitor your cloud estate and financials, access automation and orchestration resources, view dependencies, slice cloud utilization data, and more.

CMP Premier Demo

Insight Cloud Care Premier delivers transformative cloud capabilities. Access to the Cloud Management Platform dashboard empowers a comprehensive scope of critical management functions, including accessing important orchestration and automation resources, carrying out important stack lifecycle management tasks, viewing dependencies and resources, and more. In this demo video, we’ll walk you through these and other tasks, including reviewing activity logs and financials, as well as setting up approval workflows and custom catalogs through your cloud admin portal.

Modern IT Operations Governance and Innovation

Developers and IT operations are each concerned with different priorities: developers focus on innovation while IT focuses on governance. These goals often seem at odds. Modern IT operations streamlines and realigns IT operations to meet developer needs and empower business transformation. Chief Architect Juan Orlandini explains how in this video.

Why SnapStart Discovery Engine? Here’s Why.

There are plenty of tools available today to perform an IT asset inventory. But, there’s really only one our team relies on. From cloud deployments to cost optimization efforts, SnapStart and our proven methodology ensure the best data-driven decisions. Learn more with this video.

Modern IT Operations — Bringing It All Together

The emergence of public cloud changed the dynamics between IT and developer teams. Today, IT organizations have the important job of providing a developer-friendly experience, so that the business can realize the right balance of innovation and governance. Chief Architect Juan Orlandini and Senior Principal Sri Vasudevan explain.

The Key to Excellent Patient Care? A Nimble IT Team and Environment.

The importance of modernized IT has come to the forefront amidst the global health crisis. But Children’s Hospital Orange County Chief Technology Officer Adam Gold argues that IT is always a central component of the hospital’s patient care strategy, helping to enhance the experience of patients and their families. Watch for more.

CTO on Enabling Remote Work for 1,000+ Hospital Admin and Support Staff

Thanks to a recent data center relocation and modernization initiative, the Children’s Hospital Orange County was able to transition more than 1,000 team members to remote work without worrying about security or accessibility. Hear from the hospital’s CTO, who says it’s key to “prepare to be nimble.”

Children’s Hospital Orange County CTO Discusses Data Center Move

Greater stability, uptime, reliability, and redundancy are what the CHOC chief technology officer say are some of the biggest benefits from their new colocation facility. Here, he shares what was involved in planning and executing their data center move, from assessment through three move events.

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