Elevate Your Cloud Journey

You’re tasked with navigating the cloud journey and modernizing IT. How are you achieving these objectives? Studies show that most organizations do not have a documented cloud strategy, which can make challenges more difficult to overcome. Watch this video to learn one proven path to cloud success.

6 Big Changes in IT — Know Them and Use Them to Your Advantage

Those in the IT industry are feeling the effects of massive changes underway. From the proliferation of hybrid cloud to automation, new technologies and models are forcing us to rethink, redesign, and reorient our strategies. What’s critical to know? How do you make decisions that account for these changes? CDCT Chief Architect Juan Orlandini walks you through each change and offers expert advice in this video.

Advice From an IT Transformation Expert

CDCT National Portfolio Director – Consulting Services Peter Kraatz has been on both sides — in IT operations and running large IT shops, and providing consulting services to businesses undergoing IT transformation. Here, he advises IT leaders on the one thing they need to do to be successful with IT transformation.

Software-Defined — An Introduction

IT groups are facing internal and external pressures to adopt a model for networking and security that is more agile, manageable, and user-centric. In this introductory video, Insight’s practice director of network and integrated security, Rob Parsons, highlights the features, benefits, and use cases of software-defined networking. Lastly, get a quick overview of the value of working with Insight and Cisco, partners for more than 20 years.

Software-Defined — SD-Segmentation

Fighting off threats is increasingly difficult with legacy networking. In this video, Insight Architect Mike Moore shares how Insight and SD-segmentation with software-defined solution, Cisco TrustSec, offer easier policy management, automation, better visibility and control — without needing to redesign the network. Also, find out what implementation might look like, and the value Insight can bring as a Cisco partner of more than 20 years and top 4 national partner.

Software-Defined — SD-WAN

Offering more bandwidth at a lower cost, easy deployment, and centralized management, SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to wide-area networks. Here, Insight Senior Practice Architect Brian Gronquist and Principal Architect Andrew Nelson discuss the technology, its benefits and use cases, and provide a step-by-step breakdown of Insight’s approach to SD-WAN implementation. Lastly, see why the 21-year-old Insight and Cisco partnership can be of value if you’re considering software-defined solutions.

Software-Defined — SD-Access

Whether deploying many devices across a campus network or simply needing to provide a more consistent user experience, organizations look to Insight and Cisco SD-Access for help with policy-based automation from the edge to the cloud. In this video, Insight Senior Practice Architect Brian Gronquist explains the technology, use cases, and actionable insights available with SD-Access. Also, hear how Insight can help ensure a successful adoption, thanks to strategic and technical expertise, and a long-standing partnership with Cisco.

Why Understanding Your IT Estate is Critical — Plus 3 Reasons Why It’s a Challenge

Understanding the size, scope, and dependencies of an IT estate is difficult. Most of our clients struggle with this, which consequently makes it more difficult for them to embark on migrations, upgrades, relocations, or transformation initiatives. In this video, CDCT National Portfolio Director – Consulting Services Peter Kraatz explains the three things that make it challenging to gauge IT estates, and what organizations could do to alleviate key issues.

Achieve IT Operational Efficiency with Managed Services

The challenges of today’s IT leaders can be solved. See how you can benefit from offloading processes and services.

Driving IT Operational Efficiencies for Greater Business Value

With IT leaders focused on supporting their business 24/7, it’s difficult to invest time in new projects and services. Hear Datalink’s Phil O’Konski explain how our comprehensive services free up IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

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