Logix Federal Credit Union: Supporting Growth With a New Data Center

In preparation for a headquarters relocation, Logix Federal Credit Union wanted to make sure it could complete the migration safely and without downtime. Not only that, the move was the perfect time to seize the opportunity to build a modern data center that would be more reliable and secure. Watch to learn how Insight helped Logix create a data center capable of supporting the company’s vision for growth.

Reimagining Retail With Computer Vision

Give your organization an intelligent edge on customer solutions, inventory management, leadership decision-making, and more, with computer vision. Watch this video to learn how the innovative solution can transform your business.

High-Impact AI: Identifying Use Cases and Mitigating Risk

No matter your industry, AI has the potential to power new levels of innovation. Watch as Insight’s Chief Data Scientist Michael Griffin dives into different approaches to developing more supportive AI solutions for your business and explains why you should explore them.

The Fastest Way to Operationalize Your Security Program

When it comes to cybersecurity, new tools and solutions only go so far toward protecting an organization. Without IT staff with the right skill set, enterprises may find that they are still vulnerable to attack. In this video, managed services expert Steven Walter explains how partnering with the right cybersecurity professionals can help operationalize security and protect your entire network from today’s sophisticated attacks.

Roadblocks to Cloud Success — And the Key to Preventing Them

Transitioning to public cloud can come with a significant amount of unanticipated change. In this video, John O’Shaughnessy, cloud architect, discusses how to identify roadblocks to cloud success and outlines best practices for integrating change to realize the full range of benefits offered by public cloud.

A Fully Managed Cisco Meraki Solution

Enterprises considering SD-WAN solutions need agility, security, and reliability. In this video, Michael Moore, practice development manager for network and integrated security, explains how Cisco Meraki provides a way for organizations to access the benefits of SD-WAN while also managing IoT devices, switching, and much more from a single, elegant dashboard.

How Managed Services Catapults Your Business Forward

Handing over day-to-day IT maintenance tasks to experts is an effective way to accelerate digital transformation. From networking and storage to monitoring and alerts, expert partners can free up IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives and accelerate transformation. In this video, Steven Walters explains why partnering with the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) might make sense for your enterprise.

The What, Why, and How of Cloud Security: Two Network Security Experts Discuss

When it comes to your cloud environment, you can’t protect what you don’t know exists — or what you can’t manage. In this deep-dive session, Insight’s Rob Parsons and JJ Safer discuss what’s driving the need for cloud security, the pain points of visibility, control, and fragmented platforms — and specific ways organizations are simplifying, unifying and mitigating risk with Palo Alto cloud solutions.

Modern Edge Security: 3 Business Outcomes to Prioritize + Real-World Success

In this session, you’ll uncover practical ways to protect modern edge environments with Rob Parsons, Security Practice Director, and JJ Safer, Practice Development Manager. Learn the most common missteps when it comes to securing the modern edge, three outcomes you need to be striving for — and how organizations like yours are getting strategic and checking all the boxes.

Why Insight for Palo Alto Networks

Are you concerned with the rise of sophisticated cyberattacks? Learn how Insight and Palo Alto Networks are taking a fresh approach to security and providing solutions that are designed to protect modern hybrid cloud environments. Watch this video with JJ Safer, practice development manager –– security at Insight, to learn more.

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