Youtubevidoe: SnapStart

SnapStart for Data and Workload Migration

Out-of-the-box tools for data center asset inventory can be complex, costly, difficult to deploy, and fail to provide a comprehensive picture. Watch this video to learn how SnapStart is a cost-effective and extensible alternative that accelerates the time to migration.

Youtube video: How to maximize the benefits of SD-WAN

How to Maximize the Benefits of SD-WAN — Find the Best Resources to Modernize Your Infrastructure

Are you ready to transition to SD-WAN, but trying to figure out where to begin? In this video, Practice Development Manager Mike Moore describes how the right architecture, professional support, and software/security partners can help guide your journey to a new, modernized IT infrastructure.

YouTube video: Cloud economics — Justify and plan cloud decisions, better

Cloud Economics — Justify and Plan Cloud Decisions, Better

Do you have a cloud strategy? If so, is it your strategy at any cost? Almost 4 in 10 IT leaders report being confused or undecided about their cloud strategy according to recent research from IDG, and many more are struggling to manage cloud spend. CDCT Cloud and Virtualization Practice Director Kent Christensen shares expert suggestions for making financially sensible cloud decisions.

YouTube video: Security isn’t a mac & cheese recipe — How to develop optimal, security solutions

Security Isn’t a Mac & Cheese Recipe — How to Develop Optimal, Security Solutions

It’s easy to purchase security solutions that promise to deliver on specific criteria. But how do you develop and drive a comprehensive security strategy that reliably protects your organization and other parties at risk? Excellent security begins with intimately knowing things about your business such as its regulatory requirements, governance model, threat environment, and long-term goals. CDCT Director of Network and Cloud Security Jason Rader shares his expert recipe for a strong security program.

Youtube video: Thinking of deploying SD-WAN?

Thinking of Deploying SD-WAN? Here's What You Need to Know.

Do you recognize the advantages of SD-WAN, but have concerns about how to implement it effectively and keep it secure? In this video, Practice Development Manager Mike Moore describes key steps you can take toward a successful SD-WAN transition.

Youtube video: Thinking of deploying SD-WAN?

Traditional WAN vs. SD-WAN — Why SD-WAN is Considered the Future

As business applications continue to evolve, traditional WAN can create an information bottleneck. Practice Development Manager Mike Moore explains why SD-WAN may be the path of the future. Learn more about the limitations and pain points associated with traditional WAN, as well as how SD-WAN can modernize and optimize your IT environment.

Kent Christensen interview at Cisco Live 2019

Achieving Network Transformation with Insight and Cisco

Security, compliance, multicloud environments, and aging technology are networking challenges — and impetuses for transformation. Insight CDCT Cloud and Virtualization Practice Director Kent Christensen discusses how we help businesses make important advancements with Cisco solutions at the Cisco Live 2019 event in San Diego.

YouTube video: The top challenge for cloud security? (It’s not what you think.)

The Top Challenge for Cloud Security? (It’s Not What You Think.)

Cloud is not really an option anymore, but a must for organizations looking to modernize and accelerate IT transformation. However, organizations are now spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on cloud, often with minimal controls on development, consumption, and storage. How do you ensure optimal management and monitoring of cloud assets? CDCT Director of Network and Cloud Security Jason Rader shares a framework for securing cloud and multi-platform IT environments.

YouTube video: Preparing for Windows & SQL 2008 end of support (EOS)

Preparing for Windows & SQL 2008 End of Support (EOS)

End of support (EOS) is near: SQL Server 2008 EOS is July 9, 2019; Windows Server 2008 EOS is January 14, 2020. What is your plan? Have you weighed your options? CDCT Cloud and Virtualization Practice Director Kent Christensen discusses the need to strategize, best options going forward, and what kinds of outcomes our clients have experienced after a Windows/SQL Server EOS Assessment with us.

YouTube video: What is a next-generation Security Operations Center (SOC)?

What Is a Next-generation Security Operations Center (SOC)?

If a SOC exists within an organization, it's likely found on-premise and requires substantial input of resources to maintain. Next-gen SOCs are an alternative that can offer integrated incident response and more sophisticated threat identification and mitigation. CDCT Director of Network and Cloud Security Jason Rader provides a closer look at the next-gen SOC and reminds us all of the enduring importance of governance models.

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