From Data Center to Centers of Data

Integrating data from edge and near edge sources and on-premises and cloud applications, and then aligning workloads with correct platforms is essential to IT modernization. In this video, Insight experts discuss how moving toward a “centers of data” model allows enterprises to create a modern architecture for effective data management.

The Key to Rising Above the Competition

In today’s business environment, data is an extremely valuable commodity and protecting this resource is critically important. Organizations that have achieved IT modernization objectives are better equipped to protect, recover, and monetize their data and extract even more business value. Chief Architect Juan Orlandini and Principal Architect Andrew Nelson discuss common data security concerns and the importance of deploying modern data management platforms to cultivate value and drive business success.

How to Make IT Security Less Complicated

Insight’s long-standing and successful relationship with Microsoft Sentinel can help organizations quickly deploy an effective and streamlined security strategy. This video explains more.

Considering Microsoft Sentinel? Here’s What to Know.

Cloud-native SIEM and SOAR solution Microsoft Sentinel™ lets you see and stop threats to your IT environment quickly. Watch this to learn more about this cutting-edge security solution and how you might approach deployment.

Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (CI and HCI) — Driving Value for Modern Organizations

As more and more organizations adopt hybrid cloud or multicloud (multiple public clouds) strategies, control is at a premium and security is a top concern. CI and HCI could be an ideal compromise. Senior Data Center Architect Mike Corbeille shares expert insights about these technologies.

Reinventing Security — How Microsoft Sentinel Works

Microsoft Sentinel™ represents a whole new way to secure any IT environment, including those spanning multiple clouds, on-premises, and the edge. Principal Architect Victor Aranda tells you how Microsoft Sentinel works and what makes it different than any other solution on the market.

How to Leverage Hyperconverged Infrastructure

With HCI solutions, organizations can implement automation and orchestration to reduce the burden of alert management and other rote tasks traditionally assigned to IT team members, and refocus resources on strategic activities. Senior Data Center Architect Mike Corbeille discusses the advantages of HCI and industry-leading solutions available today.

Innovation in IT Operations

Managed services aren’t just about offloading work from your IT teams. At Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT), we drive innovation for IT operations so our clients can focus their innovation efforts on their business and customers. Watch this video to find out how we do it.

How to Capitalize on New Data Types

As consumer habits and expectations change, IT leaders should be thinking about new data types, new data architectures, and how to use them to deliver more value to their customers. Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) Principal Architect Jeff Bozic explains in this video.

Top Challenges With DevOps and Agile

Organizations looking to increase speed by accelerating application delivery are turning to DevOps and Agile frameworks. When at their best these approaches are holistic, built on far more than just technology solutions. Learn the top challenges and ways to overcome them in this video with Principal Architect Jeff Bozic.

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