Bridging the Gap Between Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds

Data is the anchor across most organizations’ cloud strategies. When there are missteps in how companies align their data, they increase their risk and cost by 2-3x. Keystone provides a bridge between private, hybrid and public clouds, aligning objectives. Watch as Kent Christensen, Insight’s CDCT Practice Director, and Sunitha Rao, NetApp’s Sr Director Product Management, discuss the latest in NetApp’s data management story and where Keystone fits in.
Key takeaways:

  • How IT leaders focused on risk mitigation and cost management can accomplish their goals while continuing transformation efforts.
  • Options for subscribing to the amount of storage and computer hardware you need, while benefiting from on-premises cloud consumption services.
  • The expertise required to align Keystone with public cloud, networking, security and more, and develop a cohesive strategy.