IT Considerations for IoT Deployment: Devices, Data, Connectivity, Security, and More

The rapid increase of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has created a challenge for IT professionals when it comes to connecting, securing, and managing those devices. In this LinkedIn Live video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini, John O’Shaughnessy, and Rob Parsons engage in a big-picture discussion of the IoT ecosystem. They explore key considerations for successful IoT deployment and best practices for leveraging IoT data to drive business intelligence and transformation.

Why Modernizing IT is Key to Your Business Viability

Most business leaders know that IT modernization is key to success but don’t always know how to prioritize modernization initiatives. In this LinkedIn Live video, Insight experts discuss how IT modernization fits into larger DevOps initiatives and impacts hybrid and multicloud strategies. Learn how adopting new data management, containerization, automation, and orchestration solutions can help your organization get ahead of the curve and meet the challenges and pressures of today’s business landscape.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): A Strategic Solution for Desktop Computing

In recent years, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has become a catch-all for a wide range of delivery mechanisms. In this video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Adam Morgenstern, and Matt Darlington discuss how VDI has changed over the past decade, the differences between virtualization and true VDI, and best practices for successfully deploying VDI for remote workers.

Microsoft Sentinel – Next Gen Protection for a Cloud World

Security is at the forefront of every IT departments mind. Today organizations face unprecedented security challenges, a myriad of threats and increasingly sophisticated attacks – any one of which could cause severe issues to your data and businesses. In this webcast, learn how your organization could benefit from Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-based Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) platform. Topics include:

  • What is Microsoft Sentinel?
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Sentinel
  • Advanced Design and Implementation Strategies
  • Microsoft Sentinel Deployment Best Practices

How IT Can Support Your AI Initiatives

What is AI and what does it really mean for business? In this video, Jason Rader speaks with Juan Orlandini, Kyle Wallace and Tony Paikeday about the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in supporting businesses across a wide range of sectors and industries. Whether it’s using AI to leverage earlier diagnoses in the medical field or spot fraudulent transactions in banking and financial services, AI provides organizations with powerful algorithms to extract even more value from data. View the video to learn more about how AI can integrate with existing infrastructure while helping businesses modernize and scale.

A Partnership for Business Protection — The Role of Legal in Incident Response

It’s critical to develop a comprehensive plan for responding to a security incident, and to involve legal in the conversation as early as possible. Beyond the technical, internal, and regulatory requirements a business needs to meet, there are legal ramifications to how your business defines and responds to an incident. Join several security experts for this important conversation.

Governing Azure Consumption Does Not Have to Be
Time-Consuming or Difficult — Sept 2020

Many organizations realize the need for monitoring and control, but the solution may not be evident. With Insight Cloud Care for Azure, a public cloud managed service for the Microsoft Azure platform, your organization can optimize performance and cloud spend with advanced monitoring tools, management controls, and comprehensive technical support. Tune in as we explore:

  • Insight Cloud Care for Azure
  • How you can manage cloud consumption
  • Offering tiers suited to your needs
  • Your Insight Microsoft Support Team

Taking a Collaborative, Vision-Driven Approach to Information Security

What does it mean to have “Influence without authority” — and what does it have to do with IT security? In this recent LinkedIn Live video, Jason Rader, national director of network and cloud security, spoke with David Hanighen, chief information security officer at Logix Federal Credit Union about the types of organization-wide collaborative efforts IT decision makers should embrace to promote true IT security. They discuss strategies for “moving security from the dark rooms to the board rooms” and achieving IT security success.

Strategies for a Successful Multicloud Environment

What does it mean to be multicloud? How valid are vendor lock-in concerns? What’s the most important component of an efficient multicloud strategy? CDCT experts Jason Rader, Sridhar Vasudevan, and Peter Kraatz answer these questions and more in this live session entitled “The Future of Multicloud.” Discover why multicloud is on its way to becoming the standard and learn how smart organizations are defining, strategizing, and optimizing their approach.

How Windows Virtual Desktop is Helping Organizations Adjust to a Changing Global Climate

As employees are increasingly working from home or other remote locations, a heavy burden has been placed on IT staff to support these workers. Windows Virtual Desktop is one great solution to mitigate this additional workload. Windows Virtual Desktop provides simplified management for true multitenant Windows 10 environments, built on top of the proven security of Microsoft Azure.
Learn about:

  • The basics of Windows Virtual Desktop and the benefits you can realize
  • Best practices for a Windows Virtual Desktop implementation
  • Licensing options available
  • How to get started with offerings from Insight
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