Shifting Your Mindset on Multicloud: Solving Challenges With New Strategies

Enterprises are increasingly embracing a multicloud approach. Yet, getting the most from multicloud often means reimagining your strategy entirely. In this video, Insight experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini, and Carm Taglienti discuss all the nuances — and tactics — of successful multicloud management.

Improving Safety and Quality With Computer Vision: Demo & Discussion

Computer vision — what is it and how can it enhance manufacturing companies? In this video, Insight experts introduce you to computer vision, show you real-world use cases, deliver a scale model demo, and give you strategies for getting started.

Migrate & Modernize Your Data to Unlock Agency Potential

Migrating data to the cloud can be a physically and financially exhaustive journey for government agencies who are not familiar with the task. In this on-demand webinar by Insight cloud expert, John O’Shaughnessy, discover team preparation strategies and the risks to look out for during migration, as well as how to gain greater data storage capabilities and security, all while keeping costs efficient.

Let’s Unpack: Digital Transformation

It’s on everyone’s radar, but what does digital transformation mean? Listen in as Insight CISO Jason Rader talks shop with other thought leaders to unpack this buzzword and explore all the angles — from process to culture and beyond — and how to take the first step.

Modern Infrastructure for Modern Apps

Modern applications drive the innovative user and customer experiences that set industry leaders apart. Where does your organization stand with AppDev and deployment? Join Insight and Nutanix to learn the impact of modern infrastructures like HCI on making moves with modern apps.

Cheers to Cloud: Reducing Your IT Bar Tab With Cloud FinOps

Join host Jason Rader, Insight Business Development Manager Joseph Miller, and National Principal Architect Marcus Benson as they dive into cloud Financial Operations, or FinOps. Starting with the basics and moving through real-life examples and best practices, the pros will walk you through practical ways to mitigate risk and align your organization for optimal cloud consumption.

Using Analytics to Optimize Microsoft Teams Voice and Meetings

Teams is not only a meeting place — it’s also a powerful tool that can help you see how staff members are interacting with the program and how their environment can be improved. In this video, you’ll learn how to increase collaboration and ROI on your investment by discovering Team’s full potential.

Growing Your Business With the Intelligent Edge: Securing the Edge

Edge devices are often located in highly visible and accessible locations. They may have confidential or sensitive data on them, as well as proprietary software and workloads. So, what does security look like when the device itself can be physically removed or manipulated by any potential threat actor?

Watch this lively conversation with four Insight security and infrastructure experts to hear anecdotes from the field, learn strategies for edge device security, and find out how to develop a successful edge security program.

DevOps Is More Than Automation

Shift your DevOps mindset from just technologies and skill sets to teams and cultures and watch your team flourish. Learn about the relationship between DevOps, Agile, and your organization — and how to gain optimal results — in this on-demand webinar.

Growing Your Business With the Intelligent Edge Computer Vision Use Cases

Part of the spectrum of Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision focuses on creating digital systems that can view, process, and respond to visual input. In this conversation, a continuation of our previous session on leveraging the intelligent edge, Insight experts discuss the definition of computer vision, the key components of a computer vision-powered application, and how to best leverage computer vision to power innovative business use cases.

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