Do away with the DevOps disconnect — Adopt modern IT operations

Diverse IT environments, siloed teams, and time-consuming processes often inhibit the agility needed to adapt to the demands of modern business. How did we get here, and how do we overcome it? Unifying developers and operations is the key, and modern IT operations is how we make it happen. Tune in to hear CDCT experts discuss how organizations can solve the DevOps disconnect with developer-forward IT infrastructure with security, resilience, and availability built-in.

Deploying AI in the Public Sector — How to Increase Security and Mobility

Join leaders from Insight and NVIDIA as they discuss how recent changes in technology, and especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), are influencing enterprise operations and infrastructure — particularly in the public sector. Watch this session to learn how today’s technology providers are delivering practical, compliant solutions for security and mobility in one of the world’s most highly regulated industry spaces.

Managing and Scaling AI in the Data Center: A Framework for Organizations

In this conversation on managing and scaling Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the data center, Insight’s Chief Architect Juan Orlandini and Senior Architect Joseph Wolf join NVIDIA Senior Account Manager Richard Kurtzer to discuss the scope of possibilities AI is delivering for our clients and the questions you should be asking as you approach an AI strategy:

  • Is this something that can add value to our organization?
  • How do we best approach leveraging AI for our organization?
  • How do we bridge the gap between AI and data science organizations?
  • Where can we leverage AI applications to drive the most business value?

Taking the Intelligent Edge From Idea to Deployment

The pace of business is speeding up, and the intelligent edge is a key driver. The ability to gather, analyze, and leverage data at the edge gives organizations incredible potential for innovation and agility. In our most recent LinkedIn Live, CDCT experts Jason Rader and Juan Orlandini share how to take your intelligent edge from idea to deployment. They discuss ways businesses can learn from common intelligent edge project development patterns and avoid common challenges along the way.

Cybersecurity at a Crossroads: Challenges & the Way Forward

Cybersecurity is more difficult than ever. Protecting data that spans cloud, edge, and data centers has created new challenges. And the rapid transition to remote work has exacerbated the issue. Join Insight experts to delve into new cybersecurity challenges, strategies, priority shifts, and how best to move forward. You’ll hear about the findings from our recent “Cybersecurity at a Crossroads” survey and what they mean for your organization, as well as the progress organizations have made on integrating security into business operations.

Head in the Clouds with Insight and NetApp

How do you best optimize, manage, and secure your data in a hybrid world? Watch this webcast featuring experts Paul Gavazzi, Insight architect, and Dan Tulledge, NetApp senior technical marketing engineer, as they discuss how the NetApp portfolio of solutions enables cloud implementation in hybrid environments as well as key security considerations for protecting your data in those environments.

The Evolution of As a Service: What's Changed, Where It's Headed, and How to Get Started

As a Service has traditionally been defined as a financial model, and this is true. But more and more clients are choosing pay-as-you-go offerings, not just to avoid CapEx spending, but because of the unique benefits As a Service delivers for cloud strategy, operational flexibility, and business agility. Watch this video to learn more.

Data Loss Prevention: The Role of Data Governance, Discovery, and Classification

In this webcast, industry leaders in data protection come together to discuss data loss prevention and the role of data governance, discovery, and classification. Tune in to learn more about how to protect data efficiently across each stage of the data lifecycle and how to inform your data protection strategy, starting with data classification.

Cybersecurity at a Crossroads

Tune in to hear Insight experts Jason Rader, national director of network and cloud security, Mike Sprunger, senior manager of cloud and network security, and Rob Parsons, senior practice architect, discuss the Insight-commissioned IDG survey, “Cybersecurity at a Crossroads: The Insight 2021 Cybersecurity Report.” From the drivers behind this initiative to the data gathered and its implications, the discussions in this webcast deliver a high-value perspective on key findings and ongoing cybersecurity concerns.

Developing a Multifaceted Approach to Ransomware

Ransomware cost businesses a total of $20B in 2020, and its increasingly sophisticated attacks show no signs of slowing down. In this webcast, Insight’s security experts Chris Kapusta and Tunde Odeleye discuss evolved ransomware threats, including RansomCloud and the impact to backups, as well as key components to creating a multifaceted approach to ransomware readiness and protection.

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