Bridging the Gap Between Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds

Data is the anchor across most organizations’ cloud strategies. When there are missteps in how companies align their data, they increase their risk and cost by 2-3x. Keystone provides a bridge between private, hybrid and public clouds, aligning objectives. Watch as Kent Christensen, Insight’s CDCT Practice Director, and Sunitha Rao, NetApp’s Sr Director Product Management, discuss the latest in NetApp’s data management story and where Keystone fits in.
Key takeaways:

  • How IT leaders focused on risk mitigation and cost management can accomplish their goals while continuing transformation efforts.
  • Options for subscribing to the amount of storage and computer hardware you need, while benefiting from on-premises cloud consumption services.
  • The expertise required to align Keystone with public cloud, networking, security and more, and develop a cohesive strategy.

Intelligence and Innovation at the Edge: Effective Compute for IoT

How do we work with data that doesn’t live in a data center or in the cloud? As IoT devices evolve to serve more data-rich applications at the edge (think oil rigs, self-driving cars, smart home devices, and more), the need to enable real-time, low-latency decisions demands more powerful compute capabilities. In this session, Principal Architect Andrew Nelson and Senior Consultant John O’Shaughnessy explain how to understand and implement compute solutions that leverage high-value data at the edge for effective decision-making.

Self Service Automation for Private and Public Clouds

Are you challenged by supporting rapidly changing needs across hybrid and multi-cloud environments? That is because infrastructure and application provision are semi-automated, with multiple tools and scripts, which leads to inefficiencies, low productivity, complexity, and security and compliance risks. Join Corey Carroz, Insight’s senior solutions architect for an overview and practical tips on how IT teams are getting the customized services they need where they need them. This webinar will cover how automation helps to:

  • Reduce operational costs through efficiency gains
  • Align IT priorities with business goals
  • Secure adoption of new technologies across the business

Care and Compliance Are at Risk: How To Improve Healthcare Security

Healthcare organizations face unprecedented risk of cyberattack, yet the dynamic needs and realities of these organizations can make it difficult to achieve an effective security posture that meets compliance and regulatory requirements. In this LinkedIn Live video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Mark Walker, and Jeremy Nelson look at how healthcare leadership, IT security and networking teams, and compliance and regulatory professionals can work together to implement security best practices that protect the organization and ultimately support patient care.

Create Support for Modern IT Operations With SD-WAN

As the latest iteration of WAN, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) offers increased visibility and efficiency. So why aren’t more organizations embracing it? In this recent LinkedIn Live video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Phillip Little, and Mike Moore identify the benefits and best practices for deploying SD-WAN and discuss how the SASE model incorporates the best of cloud security and cloud networking for superior agility.

How to Handle Dispersed Data: IoT-Specific Data Storage Considerations

The expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) means that increasingly large volumes of data are generated and stored in more places than ever — at the edge, in the cloud, in data centers, and beyond. In this LinkedIn Live, Jason Rader, Chris Kapusta, and John O’Shaughnessy of CDCT discuss many of the concerns associated with IoT-specific data and discuss best practices for protecting and managing it.

Data Analytics and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

The explosion of data over the last 5 years has left organizations with massive stockpiles of information, but no clear way to create actionable, data-driven insights. Power BI, Microsoft’s analytics and visualization tool, unlocks the untapped potential of your data and brings insights closer to decision-makers.
Topics include:

  • What is Power BI?
  • Getting Started with Power BI
  • Power BI Implementation Strategies
Assets discussed: Sample PBI reports: (In time these reports may become obsolete – please email if they don’t render)

Governing Azure Consumption Does Not Have to Be Time-consuming or Difficult — Oct 2020

Many organizations realize the need for monitoring and control, but the solution may not be evident. With Insight Cloud Care for Azure, a public cloud managed service for the Microsoft Azure platform, your organization can optimize performance and cloud spend with advanced monitoring tools, management controls, and comprehensive technical support. Tune in as we explore:

  • What is Insight Cloud Care for Azure
  • How you can manage cloud consumption
  • Offering tiers suited to your needs
  • Your Insight Microsoft Support Team

IT Considerations for IoT Deployment: Devices, Data, Connectivity, Security, and More

The rapid increase of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has created a challenge for IT professionals when it comes to connecting, securing, and managing those devices. In this LinkedIn Live video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini, John O’Shaughnessy, and Rob Parsons engage in a big-picture discussion of the IoT ecosystem. They explore key considerations for successful IoT deployment and best practices for leveraging IoT data to drive business intelligence and transformation.

Why Modernizing IT is Key to Your Business Viability

Most business leaders know that IT modernization is key to success but don’t always know how to prioritize modernization initiatives. In this LinkedIn Live video, Insight experts discuss how IT modernization fits into larger DevOps initiatives and impacts hybrid and multicloud strategies. Learn how adopting new data management, containerization, automation, and orchestration solutions can help your organization get ahead of the curve and meet the challenges and pressures of today’s business landscape.

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