Taking a Collaborative, Vision-Driven Approach to Information Security

What does it mean to have “Influence without authority” — and what does it have to do with IT security? In this recent LinkedIn Live video, Jason Rader, national director of network and cloud security, spoke with David Hanighen, chief information security officer at Logix Federal Credit Union about the types of organization-wide collaborative efforts IT decision makers should embrace to promote true IT security. They discuss strategies for “moving security from the dark rooms to the board rooms” and achieving IT security success.

Strategies for a Successful Multicloud Environment

What does it mean to be multicloud? How valid are vendor lock-in concerns? What’s the most important component of an efficient multicloud strategy? CDCT experts Jason Rader, Sridhar Vasudevan, and Peter Kraatz answer these questions and more in this live session entitled “The Future of Multicloud.” Discover why multicloud is on its way to becoming the standard and learn how smart organizations are defining, strategizing, and optimizing their approach.

How Windows Virtual Desktop is Helping Organizations Adjust to a Changing Global Climate

As employees are increasingly working from home or other remote locations, a heavy burden has been placed on IT staff to support these workers. Windows Virtual Desktop is one great solution to mitigate this additional workload. Windows Virtual Desktop provides simplified management for true multitenant Windows 10 environments, built on top of the proven security of Microsoft Azure.
Learn about:

  • The basics of Windows Virtual Desktop and the benefits you can realize
  • Best practices for a Windows Virtual Desktop implementation
  • Licensing options available
  • How to get started with offerings from Insight

Is a Plan Enough? Creating Resilience in Response to Cyberattacks

For businesses with any sort of online presence, chances are good that they’ll experience some form of cyberattack in the coming year — if they haven’t already. In this video, CDCT security experts Jeremy Nelson, Doug Martin, and Jason Rader share best practices for creating an effective strategy to prevent incidents, contain threats, limit exposure, and quickly restore business operations if an incident does occur. They explore the value of practicing an incident response plan and the importance of having established partners on retainer so enterprises can act swiftly to mitigate the damage.

Governing Azure Consumption Does Not Have to Be
Time-Consuming or Difficult

Many organizations realize the need for monitoring and control, but the solution may not be evident. With Insight Cloud Care for Azure, a public cloud managed service for the Microsoft Azure platform, your organization can optimize performance and cloud spend with advanced monitoring tools, management controls, and comprehensive technical support. Tune in as we explore:

  • Insight Cloud Care for Azure
  • How you can manage cloud consumption
  • Offering tiers suited to your needs
  • Your Insight Microsoft Support Team

Taking A Modern Approach to Storage

The storage industry is changing quickly — flash, cloud, and storage as a service are key trends. In this video, JP Petty from Pure Storage joins Dean Chyla and Jason Rader from Insight CDCT to discuss modern storage models, decision-making dynamics and criteria, and top challenges in forecasting storage needs over the course of an asset’s lifecycle.

Containerization Without Technical Debt: Evaluating Options and Making the Best Business Decisions

For organizations looking to drive IT transformation and increase productivity and innovation, containerization is an effective way to increase portability, reproducibility, and scalability for applications. In this video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini, and Chris Kapusta discuss the evolution of container technology and best practices for creating a successful containerization strategy and achieving ongoing, cost-effective management. Learn helpful tips for maximizing container usage to maximize elasticity and scalability while avoiding technical debt.

Strengthening Your Modernization Strategy With Automation

While many organizations know the value of automation, they haven’t taken the necessary steps to fully reap the benefits of automating routine IT tasks to improve network functionality. In this video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Jeff Bozic, and Juan Orlandini discuss how automation supports business continuity and resiliency while driving cost savings, efficiency, and IT modernization efforts.

Solving Modern IT Challenges With Managed Services

Increasingly, enterprises are integrating managed services providers into their daily operations in order to meet operational needs and free up time and resources for strategic initiatives for business transformation. In this video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Phil O’Konski, Steven Walters, and Brandon Lemke discuss some of the key considerations associated with engaging managed services providers as well as the multiple benefits they bring to the table.

Simplified Architectures & Cost Savings with Nutanix and Insight

Join Insight and Nutanix for a healthcare-focused session around how hyperconverged software unifies private, public, and distributed clouds, and empowers IT providers to deliver better patient outcomes and increased clinical productivity while ensuring cost reductions.
Key topics include:

  • Enhancing productivity with a reliable, consistent user experience so organizations can focus on patient health
  • Ways to maintain business continuity and consolidate workloads
  • How to majorly simplify ongoing operations with a holistic view of your environment
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