Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy with Cloud Economics

Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy With Cloud Economics

Businesses today are always looking at ways to optimize their software spend. IT departments are often expected to seamlessly implement and operationalize new technologies at a rapid rate. With the increased demand for a secure remote workforce, have you evaluated your cloud strategy lately to identify potential cost savings?
Upgrading your current infrastructure to the cloud can be overwhelming, but our Cloud Economics team is here to help. Watch this webcast for a discussion on best practices in leveraging Microsoft Azure to accelerate your digital transformation journey.


  • How to identify the first steps in your journey to the cloud
  • Understand the cost benefits with a Cloud Economic Assessment
  • Combine data center & cloud solutions through hybrid license options
  • Discuss data and security with a cloud infrastructure
  • Data Migration and possible funding
Speaker: Bob Agno, Director of Consulting Services and Cloud Economics

LinkedIn Live: Does Your Security Program Have All Your Bases Covered?

Does Your Security Program Have All Your Bases Covered?

What does it mean to cover all your bases from a security perspective? As organizations rely more on a remote workforce and turn to public cloud solutions, this question takes on a new level of urgency.

In this video, CDCT security experts Jason Rader and Scott Ammon discuss the importance of being able to communicate how security efforts support the business, the need to create a culture where security is built into development, and understanding the role of risk in security planning. Watch how they make a case for “moving security out of the darkroom and into the board room” as part of business transformation.

Microsoft Sentinel Setup and Configuration

Microsoft Sentinel Setup and Configuration

Learn to set up and use Microsoft Sentinel, a powerful, scalable, cloud security tool. This video covers initial setup, configuration, making connections, and offers a helpful demonstration to clarify these processes.

LinkedIn Live: A Conversation About Business Continuity and Resiliency

A Conversation About Business Continuity and Resiliency

What does it mean to have a robust business continuity and resiliency strategy? In this video, CDCT experts discuss the components of resilient IT environment and how cloud solutions can help enterprises meet business continuity objectives.

Webcast: Cost Optimization Strategies for Your AWS Environment

Cost Optimization Strategies for Your AWS Environment

As businesses take quick actions to lower expenditures across departments, many are looking to their Cloud Management or DevOps teams to lower their monthly cloud spend. Join Insight’s AWS experts to learn best practices for reducing costs, improving security, and increasing governance across your AWS environment. This webinar will cover:

  • Gaining control over cloud costs to capitalize on the total business value
  • Strategies to secure, manage, and govern your AWS environment
  • Simplifying cloud management to relieve IT teams of excessive manual tasks
  • Ways to easily scale or make changes to your cloud environment to adapt to business goals
  • How Insight helped a government contractor optimize its AWS billing, improve its AWS environment, and uncover significant cost savings of underutilized instances

Take Control of Your Cloud Costs

Take Control of Your Cloud Costs

Moving to cloud-native solutions can bring great benefits and value to enterprises. Controlling cloud costs requires IT leaders to shift their perspective and processes, though. In this video, CDCT experts John O’Shaughnessy, Scott Cameron, and Peter Kraatz discuss how a better understanding of cloud applications and consumption, various provider offerings, workload alignment, and data management tools can lead to better cloud cost control and drive business value for organizations.

Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks

Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks

Despite the proliferation of security point solutions being deployed, organizations continue to experience ransomware attacks. Join Practice Director of Network and Cloud Security Jason Rader and Director of Penetration Testing Services Tunde Odeleye for a LinkedIn Live session covering how ransomware can impact an organization and what you can do you safeguard your users, data, and business from such an attack.

Strengthen Your Security Environment with Microsoft Sentinel

Strengthen Your Security Environment With Microsoft Sentinel

Businesses today are facing new challenges and disruptions to their day-to-day operations. As they take quick actions to support remote workers, security is sometimes an afterthought, increasing the risk for cyberthreats. For some, a new security tool is deployed as a quick fix solution – adding complexity and decreasing visibility across their entire security environment. With an increased demand on networks and cloud platforms – you need a modern security strategy. During this webcast learn how to improve your security posture and leverage cutting edge tools from Microsoft, including Microsoft Sentinel. This webinar will cover:

  • The current state of security and common challenges organizations are facing in today’s environment
  • Understanding the role of a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system
  • How to use Microsoft Sentinel to quickly and accurately identify security threats
  • Strategies for cost-saving, and tools integration with existing solutions
  • How Insight helped an NBA team migrate from its existing SIEM to Microsoft Sentinel and realize improvements in detection capabilities and response times

The Software-Defined Approach to Transforming your Data Center

The Software-Defined Approach to Transforming Your Data Center

The software-defined data center (SDDC) enables customers to maintain consistent policy, security, and management regardless of the underlying infrastructure and across multiple platforms. Join Insight for a webcast to learn:

  • The benefits that a SDDC can bring to you organization
  • Key factors to consider when selecting a SDDC solution
  • Steps to position your infrastructure for a successful SDDC integration

Securing Your Cloud-Enabled Organization

Securing Your Cloud-Enabled Organization

During this live webinar, hear security consultants from both Insight and Palo Alto Networks discuss how to develop and implement cloud best practices for risk reduction, compliance and data protection. Key topics include:

  • Strategies for securing remote workforces and addressing increased traffic, users and devices
  • How to deploy protection based on Zero Trust across cloud environments, including public cloud, private cloud, internet and SaaS
  • Leveraging innovative tools, such as Palo Alto’s Prisma Access platform that combines industry-leading security and SD-WAN capabilities in the cloud
  • Hear how we helped a civil engineering firm achieve a more efficient and secure network architecture to enable remote work

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