How You Acquire, Monitor, and Manage Azure Matters to Your Organization

For many organizations, the need to establish clear monitoring capabilities, management controls, and comprehensive technical support can be difficult. Insight Cloud Care is designed to help you consume Microsoft® Azure® at cost competitive rates while optimizing spend and performance.
Join Elliot Baretz, director of Microsoft Services, who will share information about acquiring, monitoring, and managing your Azure environment through Insight Cloud Care.

  • What is Insight Cloud Care for Azure
  • How Insight Cloud Care for Azure makes managing the cloud easy for you
  • Multiple support options to fit your needs
  • Your Insight Cloud Care support team

Accelerate IT Transformation for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a vital initiative. While most organizations know they need to transform, the what and how can vary. Foundational activities such as updating legacy infrastructure and evaluating options for critical workloads are key.
Join Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation for a session around workload considerations and next-gen data center solutions.
Key takeaways:

  • Considerations around cloud platforms and workload alignment
  • Ways to drive IT transformation to power digital innovation
  • How to simplify data center management leveraging converged and hyperconverged solutions from top Insight partners such as Cisco, NetApp, and Pure Storage

Is Hybrid the Best Fit? Choosing, Adopting, and Managing a Hybrid Cloud Approach

To maximize cloud solutions, organizations must ensure that their cloud strategy supports their strategic objectives. Increasingly, IT leaders are recognizing that hybrid cloud models offer the best of both public and private cloud solutions. In this video, Insight experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini and Chris Kapusta discuss important points to consider when choosing hybrid cloud architecture, as well as offering strategies for optimizing hybrid cloud models and solutions for common challenges.

Providing Secure Infrastructure for the Future of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially, and IoT devices are on the rise. Not only does this bring new business opportunities, it also increases IT demands. In this video, Mike Moore and Rob Parsons of CDCT discuss how IT leaders can harness the power of IoT for positive business impact. They cover how strategies like effective segmentation and workflow identification can address IoT security challenges, and the importance of taking a big-picture approach to identify the most effective solutions for every IoT-related need.

How to Increase Your Security Posture With Azure

Security is always a top concern for IT professionals, but given today’s business climate it may be time to reevaluate your security posture.
During this webcast, we’ll uncover best practices and tools to help ensure you have visibility and controls across your Azure environment. Our technical experts will do a deep dive into security configurations, sophisticated attacks and maintaining compliance over your workloads - VM’s, application services and containers.

  • Receive an overview of Microsoft’s cloud security reference framework
  • Learn how to configure and manage your environment as well as secure applications with Azure Security Center
  • Discover how Microsoft Sentinel provides in-depth visibility across your hybrid environment

Flexibility Matters: How to Adopt As a Service Models

As a service solutions offer great value to organizations looking for cost-effective ways to drive IT transformation. In this LinkedIn video, Jason Rader, director of network and cloud security, Chief Architect Juan Orlandini, and Kent Christensen, cloud practice director at CDCT, discuss how the flexibility to pay as you go and scale as needed make these service models an increasingly attractive choice for improving infrastructure and reducing financial risk.

Storage: Redefining Purpose and Intention

In today’s IT ecosystem, data is a key asset. A solid storage strategy plays an important role in driving IT modernization and business transformation.

In this video, Jason Rader, Tim Cook, and Jeff Bozic discuss some of the critical considerations that underpin a successful data storage strategy. They address how enterprises can incorporate known factors, such as why data is stored and how it is accessed, into their decision-making and adopt a new storage approach that achieves better business value from this asset.

How to Protect Your Business From Ransomware Attacks

Is your business ready for potential ransomware attacks? Despite the variety of security solutions available, ransomware attacks continue to cause serious trouble for businesses.
Join Insight’s security experts to hear about strategies that are essential to mitigate the risk and severity of ransomware attacks.

Key takeaways:

  • The prevalence of ransomware that warrants specific security measures
  • How to choose effective and secure business technologies that are properly managed and maintained
  • Optimizing the use of tools such as multifactor authentication, as passwords alone are insufficient protection
  • Auditing and updating backup processes to secure against the risk of having data held hostage

Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy With Cloud Economics

Businesses today are always looking at ways to optimize their software spend. IT departments are often expected to seamlessly implement and operationalize new technologies at a rapid rate. With the increased demand for a secure remote workforce, have you evaluated your cloud strategy lately to identify potential cost savings?
Upgrading your current infrastructure to the cloud can be overwhelming, but our Cloud Economics team is here to help. Watch this webcast for a discussion on best practices in leveraging Microsoft Azure to accelerate your digital transformation journey.


  • How to identify the first steps in your journey to the cloud
  • Understand the cost benefits with a Cloud Economic Assessment
  • Combine data center & cloud solutions through hybrid license options
  • Discuss data and security with a cloud infrastructure
  • Data Migration and possible funding
Speaker: Bob Agno, Director of Consulting Services and Cloud Economics

Does Your Security Program Have All Your Bases Covered?

What does it mean to cover all your bases from a security perspective? As organizations rely more on a remote workforce and turn to public cloud solutions, this question takes on a new level of urgency.

In this video, CDCT security experts Jason Rader and Scott Ammon discuss the importance of being able to communicate how security efforts support the business, the need to create a culture where security is built into development, and understanding the role of risk in security planning. Watch how they make a case for “moving security out of the darkroom and into the board room” as part of business transformation.

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