As a Service: Changing the Narrative on Traditional IT

Managing disparate IT platforms and components on-prem and in the cloud is a shaky strategy. It’s no wonder 92% of IT leaders are increasing or planning to increase their use of As a Service. In this episode of Insight Live, our experts dig into this trend — from the challenges it’s solving to the massive gains it’s enabling for businesses.

DevOps, CloudOps, DevSecOps, GitOps, InfraOps, ModOps…Huh?

The field of IT has exploded in the recent past, with many subspecialties taking responsibility for different operations within the same organization. Jeff Bozic explains how each role supports your overall IT transformation goals and strengthens your larger team.

Cybersecurity in 2022: A Chat on Hot Topics

From multicloud to IoT, AI, and ML, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to cybersecurity. In this Insight Live, security experts Carm Taglienti, Victor Aranda, and Xavier Lopez explore key areas and share strategic ways organizations can improve the overall protection of their data and information.

The Data Dichotomy: Practical Approaches to AI Initiatives

Businesses are eager to embrace AI — but ironically, it’s data that causes the most friction on the road to innovation. Join Insight CISO Jason Rader and Distinguished Engineers as they discuss practical frameworks to make it out ahead.

Topics include:

  • The dreaded “paralysis by analysis” and how to overcome it
  • Aligning data models to business challenges
  • Grounding your thinking in exploratory data analysis (CRISP-DM)
  • More research findings on data and AI objectives in 2022

Leveraging modern IT solutions to create an intelligent edge

Now that employees work from home — and just about anywhere else — the concept of edge computing has evolved and expanded. In this context, creating an intelligent edge doesn’t happen by accident. Watch this video to learn how modern infrastructure solutions can help your enterprise create a truly modern edge and realize all the benefits and opportunities edge computing offers.

Modern Workplace: Evolution, Revolution, and Smart Pivot Strategies

If change is the only constant in life, business leaders better have strategies to ensure they’re ahead of the curve. In this Insight Live video, Jason Rader, Joe Flynn, and Carmen Taglienti unpack what it means to create and maintain a modern workplace ecosystem and explore top pivot strategies to keep up with the constant change.

The Impact of HCI on Your Security Posture

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is known for agility and performance, but what about security? Join infrastructure experts from Insight as they discuss how HCI can reduce your security footprint and best practices for implementation.

Journey to AI: From Ideation to Full-Scale AI

Implementing AI for your business can be incredibly valuable — and incredibly complex. This webcast walks through the full AI journey, from market trends and use cases to making AI infrastructure easy. Watch to learn the importance of data in AI efforts and see the real difference it makes to have expert support for your AI journey.

Shifting Your Mindset on Multicloud: Solving Challenges With New Strategies

Enterprises are increasingly embracing a multicloud approach. Yet, getting the most from multicloud often means reimagining your strategy entirely. In this video, Insight experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini, and Carm Taglienti discuss all the nuances — and tactics — of successful multicloud management.

Improving Safety and Quality With Computer Vision: Demo & Discussion

Computer vision — what is it and how can it enhance manufacturing companies? In this video, Insight experts introduce you to computer vision, show you real-world use cases, deliver a scale model demo, and give you strategies for getting started.

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