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Case study

How did an American multinational conglomerate meet new compliance demands and prevent a potential loss of more than $6 billion in revenue?

Business and IT challenges


Client needed to address changing compliance requirements while maintaining business continuity.


New regulations threatened to limit business opportunities and result in a loss of more than $6 billion in revenue. 
IT operations

To meet aggressive business timelines, ongoing Cisco technology refresh had to better align with network segmentation. 

Better segmentation of business units was needed to secure sensitive data and applications on the network.

Our solution:

  • Created a detailed executable plan to meet business challenges and drive desired outcomes.
  • Segmented sensitive data and networks with a compliant design and solution architecture.
  • Deployed Cisco ISE and TrustSec as part of one of the largest Cisco TrustSec deployments globally.
  • Leveraged behavior-based analytics to further security and offer real-time visibility into endpoint behavior. 
  • Optimized dynamic segmentation technology adoption through custom tools.
  • Drove work streams including wireless, data center and core upgrades, network management, load balancing, and complete solution validation while managing the overall program. 
IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.