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Case study

When does a farm equipment manufacturer with global distribution require a complete data center transformation?

Business and IT challenges


Need for data center transformation


Limited IT resources and global demands


Increasing desire to harness power of the cloud


Disconnected IT strategies proposed by existing partner

Lack of coherent long-term strategy


Our solution: Cloud transformation

  • Cisco Nexus switches, UCS blades and UCSD orchestration and automation
  • FlexPod converged infrastructure
  • Consulting services for workflow design, standardization of worklows and creation of a self-service portal
  • Insight OneCall™ complete solution
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Results and impact

  • Data center transformation to coherent strategic data center
  • Alignment to cloud capabilities
  • Orchestration and management of common workflows
  • Trusted partner for all data center needs
  • Extended architecture to support file services
  • Re-architected backup environment
  • Expanded orchestration to advanced workflow needs to support expanded growth