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Case study

How did global bicycle manufacturer expand its data center without infringing on space and power needs of its manufacturing operations?

Business and IT challenges


Rapid data center growth stressing the power grid


Relocating 300 virtual machines and 150 applications


Global B2B system for 8000 distributors 

24/7 Accessible
Tight weekend deadline to minimally impact business hours 
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Lack of redundant connectivity, power, and cooling to act as a safety net  


Our solution: Data center relocation orchestrated and executed with our consulting services team

  • Handled the complex task of application mapping
  • Developed a strategy to change the IP addresses of all servers to support the enhanced security capabilities of the new Cisco Nexus infrastructure
  • Supplied a 25-person day-of-move team to augment in-house IT resources
  • Arranged post-move recertification of key infrastructure components
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Results and impact

  • Incident-free weekend move
  • Increased security and higher availability
  • Faster data delivery for users in 90 countries
  • Increased data protection with multiple levels of redundance and backup
  • Enterprise level connectiviy alleviated bandwidth issues and expedited data delivery to end users globally
  • Scalability for room to grow the data center as new needs arise, unhampered by space and power limitiations