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Case study

How did a national law firm identify 13 vulnerabilities and 1,400 log-in attempts after a security breach?

Business and IT challenges


Client faced with a security breach

Business Person

IT team was limited to deliver on new projects due to focus on mundane day-to-day operations 

magnifying glass on server

Lack of visibility into current environment security threats and vulnerabilities

policy clipboard

No formal security policy documentation 


3 client sites nationally in one country

Our solution: Managed Services

  • Security health visibility via CDCT Central 
  • Cloud + Data Center Transformation managed IT environment
  • Proof of Concept provided through the Palo Alto Service Lifecycle Review engagement performed with the Vulnerability Assessment

Results and impact

  • Onsite and remote vulnerability scanning and implementation of a NextGen firewall to assess ingress/egress traffic
  • 10 high and 3 critical vulnerabilities were identified during the vulnerability scan
  • 1,400 login attempts identified in a brute force attack targeting a terminal server
  • Identified wireless network weakness and suggested remediation
  • Physical access controls identified as a weakness
  • Critical security controls framework, alignment, and remediation deliverable provided based on their current security posture
  • SANS top 20 aligned security policy and program created
  • Security education and awareness training program developed for all employees