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As we continue to generate, store, and analyze mountains of data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly strategic role. Let our expert team help you build, validate, refine, and manage AI models and supporting infrastructure to capture the value of your data and drive business outcomes.

Modern demands, modern solutions

Today, there are countless validated AI solutions in market that competitive businesses are utilizing to gain an edge. Customer service chatbots are driving sales and customer loyalty, AI-powered machines are enabling faster and more accurate healthcare diagnostics, and robo-managers are trimming portfolio management fees.

The existence of pre-trained, cloud-based AI models makes it relatively easy for any data scientist, line-of-business owner, or other business leader to take on AI initiatives. However, lasting success will be much likelier with a holistic approach that considers:

  • The business impacts
  • How the solution can/will scale
  • How to minimize silos, drift, and unnecessary costs
  • The long view — building an AI center of excellence within the organization that will grow an AI practice over time

Insight is an experienced partner helping organizations with AI, from strategy and use case development through data infrastructure, platform, and process modernization.

An NVIDIA Advanced Technology Partner

Discover how we can empower your business with the right NVIDIA solutions for any AI model.

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Full spectrum services

No matter the platform, datasets, architecture, or approach, Insight has deep expertise in helping organizations take advantage of AI.

IT environment assessments
IT environment assessments

More than 30 years of data center experience helps us evaluate your IT environment and readiness for AI solutions based on business requirements and objectives.

AI strategy development
AI strategy development

Our expert consultants can help you align key stakeholders around business-centered AI initiatives that span data center, cloud, and edge.

AI Proof of Concept Lab
AI Proof of Concept Lab

Test and validate AI and machine learning models using unique, owned datasets with prebuilt architecture and supercomputers from leading OEMs.

Comprehensive implementations
Comprehensive implementations

Execute new strategies seamlessly with proven methodologies for deployment and migration and industry-leading managed and support services.

See it for yourself.

We want you to realize your vision. Beyond the whiteboard, it’s extremely useful to have advanced tools and practiced consultants on hand to test out your ideas in the most lifelike setting possible.

The AI Proof of Concept Lab in Insight’s Research & Innovation Hubs is a one-of-a-kind facility that can support your path to innovation.

Leverage the lab to:

  • Pilot AI and machine learning models with your own datasets.
  • Test and validate infrastructure from NVIDIA, NetApp, Pure Storage, Cisco, Dell Technologies, and HPE.
  • Determine the optimal technology stack to meet your needs.
  • Collaborate with Insight’s experts:
    • An NVIDIA Advanced Technology Partner
    • NVIDIA DGX Deep Learning certified
    • NVIDIA Tesla High-Performance Computing certified

Lab assets:

  • NVIDIA DGX-2, the world’s most powerful AI system
  • NVIDIA-powered Cisco, HPE, Pure AIRI, NetApp ONTAP AI, and Dell EMC Isilon ready compute platforms
  • Converged infrastructure systems and reference architectures
  • Other building blocks for testing, designing, and deploying complete deep learning technology stacks

Accelerate your AI journey with Insight.

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Infrastructure for What’s Next: Adopting AI With Ease

NetApp ONTAP AI delivered by Insight can help you leverage powerful technologies from NetApp and NVIDIA to realize your AI strategies. Check out this infographic.

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