The Path to Digital Transformation: Where IT Leaders Stand in 2022

We commissioned IDG Research Services to survey CIOs, CTOs, CSOs, and others in IT leadership roles about how priorities are shifting to enable business in an increasingly digital landscape. This is what they told us.

Digital transformation is accelerating.

Digital transformation has taken businesses by storm. As we’ve continued to respond to the demands of a global pandemic, is it any wonder? Transformation has never been so critical. But which initiatives have made the most progress? Where are improvements being made? Those are the topics we wanted to better understand.

Organizations have wasted no time on diving into deeper transformation. Our survey results indicate more than 65% of respondents are already executing on the top six technology initiatives for 2022 — and the results are encouraging. Even in early stages, these IT modernization projects have driven measurable business improvements.

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Expectation: Transformation

For the folks behind these initiatives, the improvements to date are just a start. Nearly 90% expect IT modernization to have a transformative or significant impact on long-term organizational growth. And the pressure is on: The more expansive the digital transformation, the greater the expectation for long-term growth.

View the infographic to see which area of digital transformation is expected to have the biggest impact on innovation.

Partnership paves the way.

Despite the transformation underway, nine in 10 still say innovation is limited by infrastructure, operations, and culture. Maybe that’s why 87% will be relying on third-party providers for support. The secret to success is finding a partner that has the depth of knowledge to understand your challenges, the breadth of resources to take you from ideation to integration, and the vision to work alongside you in realizing your most ambitious innovation goals, one step at a time.
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