The Path to Digital Transformation: Where Leaders Stand in 2023  

We commissioned Foundry to survey 400 senior decision-makers employed in IT, IT security and executive management to uncover top challenges, motivations and trends in digital transformation. Here’s what we learned.

Optimization is the name of the game.

Following a year of shifting priorities and facing the possibility of economic recession, digital transformation in 2023 emphasizes optimization. Technology as a business agenda is front and center, but how can companies continue to pursue transformation — and innovation — while insulating against added cost and risk?


The results of our 2023 survey show that making more effective use of existing resources is the leading transformation strategy. In fact, optimizing IT infrastructure through better monitoring and management is the top technology initiative underway or planned for the next 12 months, cited by a full 50% of respondents. Discover leaders’ expectations for infrastructure optimization in the survey infographic.

Tech debt is on the rise.

When it comes to roadblocks, skill and knowledge gaps remain the biggest challenge, just as in 2022. What’s new is that technical debt now tops the list as well — it’s the #3 challenge, up from #6 in 2022. And the impacts haven’t been pretty. View the ebook to learn how, exactly, technical debt is hindering business progress.

Strategic transformation starts here.

As expectations shift to better accommodate user and business needs, technology goals are centering around three core components of the IT landscape: data and application initiatives, platform performance and security integrations. The data shows: Transformation across these pillars will be the key to unlocking meaningful innovation.

Find out how organizations like yours are planning to implement optimization on the journey to digital transformation — read the full survey results.


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