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Change is inevitable. “Business as usual” is less and less an option, as technology and its impacts ripple across the world in unstoppable currents. How will you ride the waves of change?


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Gain 24/7 Security Support With Managed XDR

With Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR), your organization can simplify security management, collect and analyze security data at cloud scale, and use AI to detect threats and reduce alert fatigue. Watch this expert-led discussion to learn more about this modern security solution.

The Multicloud Mindset

Organizations using a multicloud approach need to determine the most streamlined and efficient ways to manage multiple clouds so that the costs don’t outweigh the benefits. How? Dive in with our experts as they discuss the ins and outs of a successful multicloud strategy.

Success Strategies for SAP S/4HANA Change & Training

Facing the end of mainstream support for SAP ECC? Tune in for an expert discussion on best practices for SAP S/4HANA migrations and how to address common challenges through change management and training.

Where Is Tech Debt Hiding in Your Business?

86% of organizations were impacted by technical debt in 2022 — which can be a major roadblock to innovation. Tune in as our experts discuss best practices for uncovering and managing tech debt so you can get back to innovating.

A New Approach to Networking: Network as a Service

Network as a Service (NaaS) offers organizations an opportunity to boost business agility and financial flexibility. Tune in for a deep dive with our experts as they explore the benefits and use cases of NaaS and how it’s revolutionizing network consumption.

Top Use Cases for Retail Edge AI

Edge AI is bringing smarter, more innovative experiences to the retail industry. Tune in to learn about top use cases for retail edge AI — from boosting security to revolutionizing the customer experience.

Cloud-Smart Strategies for Multicloud With VMware

Even though 91% of organizations rely on multiple public cloud providers, many continue to grapple with multicloud strategy. Tune in to this webcast as experts from Insight and VMware explore best practices and key considerations for multicloud.

Managing Tech Debt Through Modernization

If your organization is struggling to manage its technical debt, you’re not alone. In fact, 86% of organizations were impacted by tech debt in 2022. Listen in to hear our experts discuss how to manage tech debt and the risks of letting it go unaddressed.

Understanding Gen AI From an Operational Perspective

If your org is looking to operationalize generative AI, it’s crucial to select the correct architecture for your business needs and future use cases. Tune in as our experts explore key operational considerations for gen AI.

The Data Dichotomy: Leveraging Your Data for Generative AI

Data is one of the leading causes of friction on the road to AI adoption — so how can businesses navigate this data dichotomy? In this discussion with Insight experts, learn the best data management practices for generative AI.

Copilot for Microsoft 365: Preparing for the Future of Work

Bring the power of AI to work with Copilot for Microsoft 365 — a groundbreaking productivity tool designed to transform the modern workplace. Listen in as our experts outline key steps to prepare your organization for this innovative tool.

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Simplifying Security With Managed XDR

Looking for a complete security solution that protects your investments and fills talent gaps? Learn how the extensive capabilities of managed XDR help simplify security management and advance IT modernization in this expert-led discussion.

Generative AI Strategies: A Look at Insight’s Journey

With the rise of generative AI technologies, an AI strategy has become necessary for businesses in this new digital landscape. Learn how Insight is harnessing the potential of generative AI in this expert-led discussion covering best practices and strategies for adoption to drive growth and innovation.

Get Real Value From AI in Retail With Radius AI and Lenovo

AI is bringing smarter and more innovative experiences to the retail industry. But how can retailers ensure they are seeing the ROI from their AI investment? Tune in to this discussion featuring experts from Lenovo and Radius AI to learn best practices for deploying and maintaining your AI environment in the retail space.

Breaking the Cycle of Technical Debt

As one of the top inhibitors to digital transformation, technical debt threatens to slow the pace of innovation within organizations. Learn the top challenges of technical debt and strategies to prevent debt buildup in this expert-led discussion.

Realizing Long-Term Value With the Modern Edge

The modern edge is the evolution of the network perimeter — connecting people, devices and data across a world of locations. Tune in as our experts discuss how implementing modern edge solutions and IoT devices can help organizations achieve business goals and gain long-term ROI.

A Market Pulse on AI With Insight & NVIDIA

Beyond the ongoing hype around AI, what is its real use in the enterprise — and how can it drive digital transformation? Listen in to hear Insight and NVIDIA experts discuss practical applications of generative AI technologies to improve business operations.

Maximizing the Business Value of AI

With today’s market being more tech-driven than ever, businesses are leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to stay ahead, but are they really getting the most value from it? Tune in as Insight experts discuss how businesses can maximize the value of AI.

Getting the Most out of Cloud Automation

As cloud usage becomes ubiquitous, it can be challenging for businesses to manage their workstreams efficiently. With cloud automation, organizations can streamline their processes and workloads running in the cloud while containing costs. Listen in as Insight experts discuss how to take full advantage of the cloud with automation.

Understanding HIPAA Security and Compliance

As technology continues to evolve, it can be difficult to keep up with modernizing and securing healthcare information. With HIPAA regulations, organizations can better protect critical data in an era of digital records. Tune in as Insight experts discuss how to elevate your security mission through HIPAA.

Cutting Edge Today, Obsolete Tomorrow: Modernizing Apps to Stay Ahead

Laying the groundwork for digital transformation starts with modern applications — the backbone of IT modernization. Watch and learn from Insight experts as they discuss best practices and approaches to modernizing legacy applications.

Simplify the Workplace With SASE

As the capabilities of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) evolve, more and more companies are tapping into its growing power. Tune in as Insight experts discuss how companies can leverage SASE to deliver network and security as a service.

ChatGPT: AI Ethics & Business Impact

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, such as ChatGPT, is already transforming the way we communicate with colleagues and customers. But using AI chatbots for business has serious implications. Listen in as Insight experts discuss both the benefits and risks associated with using this new natural language processing AI tool for customer-facing use cases.

Staying Ransomware Ready in 2023

The threat of ransomware is more serious than ever. Hear what Insight experts have to say about the increasing impact and sophistication of ransomware attacks, key trends to watch for, and best practices for preventing and recovering from attacks.

Best Practices for a Successful Multicloud Migration

Looking to migrate mission-critical resources to a cloud environment but not sure where to start? Developing a robust data migration strategy is the first step toward successful cloud adoption. Listen in as Insight experts discuss how to build and deploy a multicloud migration strategy that best fits your organization’s needs.

Reimagining the Role of Technology in Education

How is technology impacting the world of education today? From virtual classrooms to esports, technology has become a vital part of how students learn and connect. Tune in to this discussion with Insight experts on the benefits of technology in classrooms today — and in the future.

Creating Psychological Safety During Your Next Workshop

Great outcomes happen when team members are free to engage authentically and contribute collaboratively. Join leaders from Insight and MURAL to learn more about how to facilitate a safe atmosphere of inclusion and collaboration in the modern workplace.

PCI 4.0: How Organizations Can Prepare for New Standards

PCI 4.0 may be slated for 2024, but organizations can set the stage for a successful transition by starting their preparations now. Join Insight experts as they discuss how organizations can balance the new standards with current ones, avoid pitfalls and plan for the resource investment needed.

Modern Apps: Top Considerations for IT Leaders

An underperforming application can cause even the best companies to lose out on time and money. Listen in as our experts outline the best ways to assess your legacy applications and construct a customized modernization strategy to help you achieve business outcomes.

Understanding Modern Data Analytics Platforms

Data platform modernization facilitates faster and more accurate insights that enable powerful business decisions. Tune in to this discussion with Insight experts as they outline the key components and common pitfalls of modern data analytics platforms.

Microservices: Not if, but When

How can leaders leverage microservice frameworks to transform operations and scale initiatives? Join Insight experts as they discuss the best ways to maximize your microservices strategy based on your team’s composition, ability and needs.

Carrier & Connectivity: How Leaders Can Leverage 5G, Wi-Fi and More

According to experts, by 2025, there will be over 4.2 billion connected devices in the U.S. Still, many leaders struggle to leverage connected devices to meet business objectives. Join our experts as they discuss what leaders need to know to build, deploy and support carrier solutions where end users are part of the equation.

The Rise of the Citizen Developer: Understanding the Benefits and Challenges of Citizen Development

Citizen Developers are taking the IT world by storm — but what exactly is their role? Tune in as our experts discuss the benefits and challenges of citizen development and how companies can enable citizen developers to make a positive impact in their organizations.

Emerging Technologies: Exploring the Metaverse, AR/VR, the Future of Privacy and More

The future isn’t coming — it’s here. With AR, VR, Metaverse and more technologies erupting, many organizations are struggling to keep up. Listen in as our experts discuss what emerging tools IT leaders should look out for and how to stay ahead of the curve.

Managed Security: Top 3 Aspects for IT Decision-Makers to Consider

As cyberattacks increase and threat mitigation becomes more complex, more IT decision-makers are considering outsourcing as part of their security strategy. Watch this video to learn important considerations for determining whether managed security solutions make sense for your enterprise.

AI-Ready Infrastructure: Best Practices & Strategy

From networking to storage, Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires a different kind of infrastructure than traditional IT. In this video, Insight experts explore why AI-reference architecture matters to the success of AI initiatives and offer best practices for accelerating time to value.

Building Your Data Science All-Star Team: Who’s Who?

According to what we’re seeing in the market lately, almost half of enterprises are looking at data and analytics and how to build out AI capabilities to bolster business innovation. To help support your organization on that journey, our data and AI experts share how to move forward with building a data science team, skills to prioritize and what to look for when you’re developing a data and AI practice.

Using HCI to Accelerate Hybrid and Multicloud Strategies

Hybrid cloud and multicloud hold incredible potential to help you run your business smarter. However, multi-platform complexity can be a challenge, especially when it comes to managing workloads well. Join this session to learn the impact of HCI on workload alignment and how partnerships like Nutanix and HPE make cloud-like on-premises consumption even easier.

Let’s Unpack: Zero Trust

Many organizations are including Zero Trust models into their framework, but either don’t know what to do with it or where to go once started. Join Insight’s security experts Mike Moore, Rob Parsons and Jeremy Nelson as they discuss Zero Trust — what it is, how to get started, what it can do for your organization and how to get the most out of this approach to IT security.

As a Service: Changing the Narrative on Traditional IT

Managing disparate IT platforms and components on-prem and in the cloud is a shaky strategy. It’s no wonder 92% of IT leaders are increasing or planning to increase their use of As a Service. In this episode of Insight Live, our experts dig into this trend — from the challenges it’s solving to the massive gains it’s enabling for businesses.

Cybersecurity in 2022: A Chat on Hot Topics

From multicloud to IoT, AI, and ML, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to cybersecurity. In this Insight Live, security experts Carm Taglienti, Victor Aranda, and Xavier Lopez explore key areas and share strategic ways organizations can improve the overall protection of their data and information.

The Data Dichotomy: Practical Approaches to AI Initiatives

Businesses are eager to embrace AI — but ironically, it’s data that causes the most friction on the road to innovation. Join Insight CISO Jason Rader and Distinguished Engineers as they discuss practical frameworks to make it out ahead.

Topics include:

  • The dreaded “paralysis by analysis” and how to overcome it
  • Aligning data models to business challenges
  • Grounding your thinking in exploratory data analysis (CRISP-DM)
  • More research findings on data and AI objectives in 2022

Leveraging modern IT solutions to create an intelligent edge

Now that employees work from home — and just about anywhere else — the concept of edge computing has evolved and expanded. In this context, creating an intelligent edge doesn’t happen by accident. Watch this video to learn how modern infrastructure solutions can help your enterprise create a truly modern edge and realize all the benefits and opportunities edge computing offers.

Modern Workplace: Evolution, Revolution, and Smart Pivot Strategies

If change is the only constant in life, business leaders better have strategies to ensure they’re ahead of the curve. In this Insight Live video, Jason Rader, Joe Flynn, and Carmen Taglienti unpack what it means to create and maintain a modern workplace ecosystem and explore top pivot strategies to keep up with the constant change.

The Impact of HCI on Your Security Posture

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) is known for agility and performance, but what about security? Join infrastructure experts from Insight as they discuss how HCI can reduce your security footprint and best practices for implementation.

Shifting Your Mindset on Multicloud: Solving Challenges With New Strategies

Enterprises are increasingly embracing a multicloud approach. Yet, getting the most from multicloud often means reimagining your strategy entirely. In this video, Insight experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini, and Carm Taglienti discuss all the nuances — and tactics — of successful multicloud management.

Let’s Unpack: Digital Transformation

It’s on everyone’s radar, but what does digital transformation mean? Listen in as Insight CISO Jason Rader talks shop with other thought leaders to unpack this buzzword and explore all the angles — from process to culture and beyond — and how to take the first step.

Modern Infrastructure for Modern Apps

Modern applications drive the innovative user and customer experiences that set industry leaders apart. Where does your organization stand with AppDev and deployment? Join Insight and Nutanix to learn the impact of modern infrastructures like HCI on making moves with modern apps.

Cheers to Cloud: Reducing Your IT Bar Tab With Cloud FinOps

Join host Jason Rader, Insight Business Development Manager Joseph Miller, and National Principal Architect Marcus Benson as they dive into cloud Financial Operations, or FinOps. Starting with the basics and moving through real-life examples and best practices, the pros will walk you through practical ways to mitigate risk and align your organization for optimal cloud consumption.

Growing Your Business With the Intelligent Edge: Securing the Edge

Edge devices are often located in highly visible and accessible locations. They may have confidential or sensitive data on them, as well as proprietary software and workloads. So, what does security look like when the device itself can be physically removed or manipulated by any potential threat actor?

Watch this lively conversation with four Insight security and infrastructure experts to hear anecdotes from the field, learn strategies for edge device security, and find out how to develop a successful edge security program.

Growing Your Business With the Intelligent Edge Computer Vision Use Cases

Part of the spectrum of Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer vision focuses on creating digital systems that can view, process, and respond to visual input. In this conversation, a continuation of our previous session on leveraging the intelligent edge, Insight experts discuss the definition of computer vision, the key components of a computer vision-powered application, and how to best leverage computer vision to power innovative business use cases.

Delivering a Differentiated IT Experience With Dell APEX

Join Insight and Dell Technologies to discover how Dell APEX, a flexible consumption model, helps you simplify digital transformation. This As a Service offering helps you leverage proven technology within a world-class portfolio of As a Service IT infrastructure — to deliver flexible IT on demand from trusted partners.

In this session led by Insight’s Chris Kapusta, senior manager, and Dell Technologies’ Adam Smolka, senior director, you’ll learn:

  • What is Dell APEX and how it enables digital transformation
  • Top challenges that a consumption model can help solve
  • Ways to take control of your IT infrastructure security
  • Key examples on how Dell APEX can allow you to scale up and down to pay for what you use

Expand Your Horizons — Growing Your Business With the Intelligent Edge

When it comes to growing your business, intelligent edge holds tremendous potential to drive transformation and improve outcomes. In this video, our experts discuss what it means to redefine intelligent edge so it incorporates local compute, AI, and data analytics to inform your decision-making processes and take your business to the next level.

Data Protection Best Practices — from Risk Mitigation to Incident Response

Your data is valuable — and cyber attackers know it. The threat of ransomware has surged drastically in recent years, and no business is safe. How do you know you’re prepared? As a business leader, it can be difficult staying up to date on ever-evolving security best practices and understanding which solutions are worth your investment.

Join Insight’s Chris Kapusta, senior manager, Clay Heuckendorf, senior architect, and Mike Mclain, field architect, as they discuss the value of a multilayered approach, modern platforms, and more.

Storage as a Service — Keystone

Cloud offers scalability and speed, while on-premises solutions provide better control and performance. Either choice requires investment and taking on some level of risk. So, how do you decide where you store your data?

Join Insight’s Kent Christensen, Practice Director, and Chris Collins, NetApp Keystone Engineering, to learn more about NetApp’s Keystone As a Service offering delivered through Insight.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to mitigate risk by eliminating or alleviating CapEx
  • Aligning costs with usage through consumption-based billing
  • Options for subscribing to storage and compute hardware
  • Ways to align your storage model with public cloud, networking, and security

Creating a Cloud-first Security Strategy with SASE

As IT environments become more complex, security challenges emerge, especially related to cloud. In this video, Insight experts explore how Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) creates a cloud-centric approach to security and unifies traditionally siloed networking and security services.

Community Wireless Broadband: Hidalgo County Is Bridging the Digital Divide

Situated in south Texas, Hidalgo County was one of many areas hit hard by the pandemic. A key concern was connectivity — with stay-at-home orders issued, how would students continue their education?

This conversation illuminates the use cases, considerations, and benefits for community wireless broadband. Hear from Insight experts and representatives from Hidalgo County on the real-world experience of planning, designing, and implementing a community Wi-Fi mesh network — from collaborating with school districts and leveraging CARES Act funding, to installing more than 3,000 access points to cover a broad geographic region.

Insight-Delivered Pure as-a-Service 11.10.21

Join Insight and Pure Storage to learn how we are working together to help clients build private cloud environments and combine As a Service consumption models to give you and your data center the flexibility and efficiency you are looking for.

Topics include:

  • Achieving a flexible, cloud-like experience on-premises or in the public cloud with Pure as-a-Service
  • Leveraging Insight as a premier delivery partner for Pure as-a-Service, as well as adjacent services
  • Optimizing spend, security, and latency requirements

Insight-Delivered Pure as-a-Service 11.3.21

Join Insight and Pure Storage to learn how we are working together to help clients build private cloud environments and combine As a Service consumption models to give you and your data center the flexibility and efficiency you are looking for.

Topics include:

  • Achieving a flexible, cloud-like experience on-premises or in the public cloud with Pure as-a-Service
  • Leveraging Insight as a premier delivery partner for Pure as-a-Service, as well as adjacent services
  • Optimizing spend, security, and latency requirements

How to Unlock Business Outcomes With Flexible Consumption Models

Cloud offers scalability and speed. On-premises solutions provide better control and performance. But either choice requires investment and taking on some level of risk. So, how do you decide where you store your data?

Join Insight’s Kent Christensen, practice director, Phil O’Konski, director of engineering services, and Chris Kapusta, senior manager, to learn more about the As a Service offerings delivered through Insight.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to mitigate risk by eliminating or alleviating CapEx
  • Aligning costs with usage through consumption-based billing
  • Options for subscribing to storage and compute hardware
  • Key benefits of on-premises cloud consumption services
  • Ways to align your storage model with public cloud, networking, and security

Achieve Efficiency, Scale, and Flexibility With As a Service

For organizations looking to take control of their data center procurement process, As a Service may be the right choice. Watch the discussion between Jason Rader, national director, network and cloud security, Mike Moore practice director development manager, and Ken Christensen, virtualization practice director to learn how As a Service can save time, money, and resources in your data center operations.

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Hand: Align to the NIST Framework

For organizations looking to strengthen their cybersecurity posture and remain protected and compliant, a critical step is to align with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. Aligning with NIST helps businesses understand current security risks, prioritize security activities that are most critical, and identify risk mitigation strategies. Watch this LinkedIn Live session with Insight’s Jason Rader and Brad Bowers to learn more.

Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. IT requires thinking strategically about legacy infrastructure and applications and embracing new ways of doing things. In this webcast, Insight and Dell Technologies experts discuss the importance of applying ModOps architecture to all your platforms to achieve scalable, secure, and cloud-enabled infrastructure.

Optimizing Hybrid Cloud — The Role of As a Service

For organizations looking to improve agility, simplicity, and cloud costs without sacrificing the governance, performance, and control of on-premises solutions, As a Service models for cloud consumption may be the best way to pursue a hybrid cloud strategy. Tune in as experts Jason Rader, Chris Kapusta, and HPE’s Philip Woudenberg discuss the benefits of cloud consumption on-premises with HPE GreenLake for optimizing hybrid cloud.

Mitigate Risk Through Flexible Consumption Models

The pressures on business to reduce risk while driving transformation have never been greater. Many look to the cloud to reduce capital spending and provide agility but achieving these outcomes can be difficult. Enter As a Service offerings — a new way to reduce risk and capital expenditures by paying only for what you need on-premises, when you need it.

Protect Your Domain: How to Stay Strong Against DNS Vulnerabilities

A new class of DNS vulnerabilities is impacting DNS providers and the valuable data tied to organizations’ domain names. In this video, Insight experts discuss how to strengthen DNS implementation and security in order to safeguard your enterprise against malicious actors and other newly discovered threats.

Managed Security: A Solution to Address Security Challenges

Managed Security solutions are helping to address the top needs and challenges in enterprise network security, from building a brand-new security operations program from the ground up to moving a mature security operations program to a Managed Services model. Listen in as CDCT security experts discuss the evolution of security measures as information technology has grown from merely a part of business to the heart of business, and how Insight is poised to be your partner in navigating the path to a reliable security operations program.

Win Against Ransomware

Ransomware is becoming more targeted and sophisticated. And as hackers evolve, so should your organization’s defense. Can you rely on your organization’s strategy to protect itself from evolving threats?

In this webcast you'll hear from Insight’s Justin Tindal as he shares insights on:

  • Ransomware trends today and projections for the future
  • Pinpointing your vulnerabilities and where they lie within your organization
  • Leveraging assessment tools to improve visibility and create a winning strategy

The Role of Managed Services in Modern IT Operations

In an informal survey of CDCT audiences, 78% said improved IT staff productivity was the top benefit of managed services adoption, while cost control and increased security each came in at 11%. Find out the true value of managed services as well as the different types of managed offerings available today in this LinkedIn Live with host Jason Rader, Steven Walters, senior manager of offering development with Insight Managed Services, and Phil O’Konski, director of engineering services at Insight.

The Value of Choosing a Hybrid Data Center Model

As infrastructure strategies integrate on-prem, colocation, cloud, and edge delivery, IT professionals are turning to hybrid data center models to meet data mobility needs. In this LinkedIn Live video, Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) experts discuss why a hybrid data center model might make sense for your enterprise and explore some of the benefits of data mobility and adopting an “in-between” data center.

How to Optimize Your Microsoft Sentinel Investment

Microsoft Sentinel provides enterprises with industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities. In this LinkedIn Live, CDCT experts discuss tips for making sure enterprises fully realize the benefits of this cloud-native security solution.

Prevent and Recover: Mitigating the Threat of Ransomware

Defending against ransomware requires more than a security strategy or a single solution. It involves careful planning around governance, networking, storage, and data protection for a comprehensive ecosystem of technologies and policies. In this LinkedIn Live session, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Chris Kapusta, and Michael Perreault discuss how to create the type of ecosystem capable of preventing and mitigating cyberattacks.

Automate with Purpose – Key Considerations

Automation can be a powerful tool for accelerating IT modernization initiatives and even improving time to market. But, executed without strategic intention, it can also cause misalignment and even introduce unexpected cost and risk. Watch this LinkedIn Live with CDCT experts Jason Rader, Jeff Bozic, and Jonathan Parnell, along with Jake Lundberg from HashiCorp, to explore key considerations for creating a purposeful automation strategy. You’ll learn how to ensure your automation strategy aligns to your business processes, how to implement policy guidelines to protect your operations, and how to evaluate whether an automation initiative will negatively or positively impact your bottom line.

Modern IT Operations

Businesses have to be agile and innovative in order to successfully attain or maintain a competitive edge. Yet, there remains a critical need for governance around cost control, vendor management, data protection and disaster recovery. Modern IT Operations is about this very balance between innovation and governance — ensuring that developers can drive the business forward without setting the stage for problems, breaches and cost overruns down the road.
In this webinar, led by Insight’s Juan Orlandini, Chief Architect, we will discuss:

  • Shifting to modern and hybrid platforms that make your business nimbler and more responsive
  • Bridging the gap between internal groups to ensure IT Ops can deliver what developers need
  • How IT operates in a hybrid cloud environment

Managing at the Edge

As more computing moves to the edge, efficient edge management has become more important than ever. In this video, CDCT experts explore some of the strategies and solutions to optimize resources and make modern edge data management more streamlined and effective.

Edge is the New Perimeter – How to Connect and Secure the Modern Edge

In today’s highly dispersed IT environments, the modern edge plays an important role in optimizing security, connectivity, and accessibility. In this video, CDCT experts discuss strategies for using modern edge solutions to support business operations and drive digital innovation.

Journey to Zero Trust in Healthcare

What is Zero Trust security? And what does it mean in the healthcare setting? In this webinar recording, Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation (CDCT) experts Michael Sciacero, Eddie Mendonca, and Craig Hyps discuss the role Zero Trust plays in identifying internal threats, securing IoT devices, and driving cloud transformation — ultimately supporting healthcare delivery and providing better protection of patient data.

Pay-As-You-Go Storage Models

Data is the anchor across most organizations’ strategies. Missteps in how you align your data can increase costs and associated risks by 2‒3x.
A consumption-based approach acts as a bridge between private, hybrid, and public clouds, providing benefits like more transparent pricing and contract terms, the flexibility to shift workloads to the cloud as needed, and the ongoing peace of mind of a local system.
In this webinar led by Insight’s Chief Architect Juan Orlandini and Practice Director Kent Christensen, you’ll learn:

  • How to mitigate risk by eliminating or alleviating CapEx and aligning costs with usage through consumption-based billing
  • Options for subscribing to the amount of storage and compute hardware you need, while benefiting from on-premises cloud consumption services
  • What it takes to align your storage model with public cloud, networking, and security

Do away with the DevOps disconnect — Adopt modern IT operations

Diverse IT environments, siloed teams, and time-consuming processes often inhibit the agility needed to adapt to the demands of modern business. How did we get here, and how do we overcome it? Unifying developers and operations is the key, and modern IT operations is how we make it happen. Tune in to hear CDCT experts discuss how organizations can solve the DevOps disconnect with developer-forward IT infrastructure with security, resilience, and availability built-in.

Taking the Intelligent Edge From Idea to Deployment

The pace of business is speeding up, and the intelligent edge is a key driver. The ability to gather, analyze, and leverage data at the edge gives organizations incredible potential for innovation and agility. In our most recent LinkedIn Live, CDCT experts Jason Rader and Juan Orlandini share how to take your intelligent edge from idea to deployment. They discuss ways businesses can learn from common intelligent edge project development patterns and avoid common challenges along the way.

Cybersecurity at a Crossroads: Challenges & the Way Forward

Cybersecurity is more difficult than ever. Protecting data that spans cloud, edge, and data centers has created new challenges. And the rapid transition to remote work has exacerbated the issue. Join Insight experts to delve into new cybersecurity challenges, strategies, priority shifts, and how best to move forward. You’ll hear about the findings from our recent “Cybersecurity at a Crossroads” survey and what they mean for your organization, as well as the progress organizations have made on integrating security into business operations.

Head in the Clouds with Insight and NetApp

How do you best optimize, manage, and secure your data in a hybrid world? Watch this webcast featuring experts Paul Gavazzi, Insight architect, and Dan Tulledge, NetApp senior technical marketing engineer, as they discuss how the NetApp portfolio of solutions enables cloud implementation in hybrid environments as well as key security considerations for protecting your data in those environments.

The Evolution of As a Service: What's Changed, Where It's Headed, and How to Get Started

As a Service has traditionally been defined as a financial model, and this is true. But more and more clients are choosing pay-as-you-go offerings, not just to avoid CapEx spending, but because of the unique benefits As a Service delivers for cloud strategy, operational flexibility, and business agility. Watch this video to learn more.

Data Loss Prevention: The Role of Data Governance, Discovery, and Classification

In this webcast, industry leaders in data protection come together to discuss data loss prevention and the role of data governance, discovery, and classification. Tune in to learn more about how to protect data efficiently across each stage of the data lifecycle and how to inform your data protection strategy, starting with data classification.

Cybersecurity at a Crossroads

Tune in to hear Insight experts Jason Rader, national director of network and cloud security, Mike Sprunger, senior manager of cloud and network security, and Rob Parsons, senior practice architect, discuss the Insight-commissioned IDG survey, “Cybersecurity at a Crossroads: The Insight 2021 Cybersecurity Report.” From the drivers behind this initiative to the data gathered and its implications, the discussions in this webcast deliver a high-value perspective on key findings and ongoing cybersecurity concerns.

Developing a Multifaceted Approach to Ransomware

Ransomware cost businesses a total of $20B in 2020, and its increasingly sophisticated attacks show no signs of slowing down. In this webcast, Insight’s security experts Chris Kapusta and Tunde Odeleye discuss evolved ransomware threats, including RansomCloud and the impact to backups, as well as key components to creating a multifaceted approach to ransomware readiness and protection.

Delivering Connectivity Through Community Wireless Broadband

Outdoor connectivity plays an essential role in connecting communities and endpoints and delivering secure communication. In this recent LinkedIn Live, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Mike Moore, and Mike Parmeley discuss the importance of secure, reliable public wireless to promote connectivity across municipalities and industries. Hear more about Wi-Fi, CBRS/private LTE infrastructures, and the innovative use cases driving the adoption of both these solutions.

Driving Transformation With Hybrid Cloud

For most enterprises, a successful cloud strategy requires adopting a hybrid model, regardless of end-state goals. In this recent LinkedIn Live, Jason Rader, Peter Kraatz, and John O’Shaughnessy discuss the many forms that a hybrid cloud approach can take and the ways that deploying a hybrid cloud strategy can support transformation initiatives. Learn best practices and key benefits from this lively discussion.

Understanding the Role of SASE vs. SD-WAN in Cloud Security

When it comes to cloud security and securing the edge, SASE offers many advantages. Yet in order to reap the benefits of this technology, organizations must understand the role of SASE in creating an effective cloud strategy. In this recent LinkedIn Live recording, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Mike Moore, and Douglas Gatto discuss how to determine whether SD-WAN or SASE solutions make sense for particular use cases to improve network security and efficiency.

Security Considerations for Containerization and Kubernetes

Warehousing applications in containers doesn’t automatically make them secure. In this LinkedIn Live session, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Victor Aranda, and Chase Christensen discuss the three phases of containerization security and how, when deployed properly, containerized environments with Kubernetes can allow organizations to achieve agility and scale while mitigating the security risks.

As a Service for Public Sector

Data is the anchor across most organizations’ cloud strategies. When there are missteps in how companies align their data, they can increase their cloud costs and associated risk by 2-3x. Keystone provides a bridge between private, hybrid and public cloud, allowing organizations to align their data management strategy to overall business objectives.
Key takeaways include: 

  • How IT leaders focused on risk mitigation and cost management can accomplish their goals while continuing transformation efforts.
  • Options for subscribing to the amount of storage and compute hardware you need, while benefiting from on-premises cloud consumption services.
  • The expertise required to align Keystone with public cloud, networking, security and more, and develop a cohesive strategy.

Creating a modern storage strategy

For most enterprises, a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable storage solution is the goal, yet achieving it is not always a straightforward process. Listen to this webcast for expert tips on optimizing and modernizing your storage strategy from Insight and Dell Technologies experts.

App Modernization: People, Process, and Technology

How can organizations derive the greatest business value from IT modernization? In this webcast, experts from IDG, Insight CDCT, and VMware share their thoughts on how best to modernize applications and infrastructure to drive meaningful transformation and maximize the benefits of today’s technology.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Community Wireless Broadband

City-driven wireless broadband initiatives have the power to expand work and education opportunities for people in underserved communities. In this LinkedIn Live session, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Jeremy Nelson, and Rob Parsons join Collin Boyce from the City of Tucson to discuss how closing the digital divide improves the quality of life for residents and transforms municipalities.

Pay as you consume with As a Service

Data is the anchor across most organizations’ cloud strategies. When there are missteps in how companies align their data, they can increase their cloud costs and associated risk by 2-3x. Keystone provides a bridge between private, hybrid and public cloud, allowing organizations to align their data management strategy to overall business objectives.
Key takeaways include: 

  • How IT leaders focused on risk mitigation and cost management can accomplish their goals while continuing transformation efforts.
  • Options for subscribing to the amount of storage and compute hardware you need, while benefiting from on-premises cloud consumption services.
  • The expertise required to align Keystone with public cloud, networking, security and more, and develop a cohesive strategy.

Insight, MAXIMUS, and AWS: A cloud transformation journey

Digital transformation is a huge undertaking in the best of times. This COVID era adds even more challenges. Watch theCUBE’s coverage of AWS re:Invent 2020 and hear Insight’s Steve Zipperman joined by Kevan McCallum Jr. of MAXIMUS. They discuss how the two companies worked together for a successful cloud transformation that included moving 6,000 workloads and 160+ applications, why they chose AWS, and the importance of finding a trusted transformation partner — now more than ever.

Understanding Ransomware Immutability, Detection, and Remediation

As the saying goes with ransomware attacks, “It’s not a matter of if, but rather when.” In this LinkedIn Live video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Mike Morgan, and Mike McLain extend that to examine the third part of the saying that companies and organizations need to address, which is, “Are we prepared when it does happen?” They look at a bit of the history behind these attacks and break down the importance of taking a full-stack approach to data and network protection.

Securing the Edge: Connectivity, Access, and Security in a Dispersed Environment

The remote work boom and increase in IoT has led to the expansion of the edge and ultimately opened enterprise up to attack. Recently, Jason Rader and Eron Reece of CDCT, and Larry Lunetta, VP of Wireless LAN and Security Solutions Marketing at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, discussed the top challenges in edge security today. They explore the role of SD-WAN, Zero Trust, and remote access solutions in creating a strong security framework to control access at the edge and across today’s dispersed IT environments.

Intelligence and Innovation at the Edge: Effective Compute for IoT

How do we work with data that doesn’t live in a data center or in the cloud? As IoT devices evolve to serve more data-rich applications at the edge (think oil rigs, self-driving cars, smart home devices, and more), the need to enable real-time, low-latency decisions demands more powerful compute capabilities. In this session, Principal Architect Andrew Nelson and Senior Consultant John O’Shaughnessy explain how to understand and implement compute solutions that leverage high-value data at the edge for effective decision-making.

Self Service Automation for Private and Public Clouds

Are you challenged by supporting rapidly changing needs across hybrid and multi-cloud environments? That is because infrastructure and application provision are semi-automated, with multiple tools and scripts, which leads to inefficiencies, low productivity, complexity, and security and compliance risks. Join Corey Carroz, Insight’s Senior Solutions Architect for an overview and practical tips on how IT teams are getting the customized services they need where they need them. This webinar will cover how automation helps to:

  • Reduce operational costs through efficiency gains
  • Align IT priorities with business goals
  • Secure adoption of new technologies across the business

Care and Compliance Are at Risk: How To Improve Healthcare Security

Healthcare organizations face unprecedented risk of cyberattack, yet the dynamic needs and realities of these organizations can make it difficult to achieve an effective security posture that meets compliance and regulatory requirements. In this LinkedIn Live video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Mark Walker, and Jeremy Nelson look at how healthcare leadership, IT security and networking teams, and compliance and regulatory professionals can work together to implement security best practices that protect the organization and ultimately support patient care.

Create Support for Modern IT Operations With SD-WAN

As the latest iteration of WAN, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) offers increased visibility and efficiency. So why aren’t more organizations embracing it? In this recent LinkedIn Live video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Phillip Little, and Mike Moore identify the benefits and best practices for deploying SD-WAN and discuss how the SASE model incorporates the best of cloud security and cloud networking for superior agility.

How to Handle Dispersed Data: IoT-Specific Data Storage Considerations

The expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) means that increasingly large volumes of data are generated and stored in more places than ever — at the edge, in the cloud, in data centers, and beyond. In this LinkedIn Live, Jason Rader, Chris Kapusta, and John O’Shaughnessy of CDCT discuss many of the concerns associated with IoT-specific data and discuss best practices for protecting and managing it.

Data Analytics and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

The explosion of data over the last 5 years has left organizations with massive stockpiles of information, but no clear way to create actionable, data-driven insights. Power BI, Microsoft’s analytics and visualization tool, unlocks the untapped potential of your data and brings insights closer to decision-makers.
Topics include:

  • What is Power BI?
  • Getting Started with Power BI
  • Power BI Implementation Strategies
Assets discussed: Sample PBI reports: (In time these reports may become obsolete – please email DG-NA-PowerBI@Insight.com if they don’t render)

Governing Azure consumption does not have to be time-consuming or difficult - Oct2020

Many organizations realize the need for monitoring and control, but the solution may not be evident. With Insight Cloud Care for Azure, a public cloud managed service for the Microsoft Azure platform, your organization can optimize performance and cloud spend with advanced monitoring tools, management controls, and comprehensive technical support. Tune in as we explore:

  • What is Insight Cloud Care for Azure
  • How you can manage cloud consumption
  • Offering tiers suited to your needs
  • Your Insight Microsoft Support Team

Why Modernizing IT Is Key To Your Business Viability

Most business leaders know that IT modernization is key to success but don’t always know how to prioritize modernization initiatives. In this LinkedIn Live video, Jason Rader, national director of network and cloud security, and Shawn O’Grady, SVP and GM of CDCT, discuss how IT modernization fits into larger DevOps initiatives and impacts hybrid and multicloud strategies. Learn how adopting new data management, containerization, automation, and orchestration solutions can help your organization get ahead of the curve and meet the challenges and pressures of today’s business landscape.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): A Strategic Solution for Desktop Computing

In recent years, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has become a catch-all for a wide range of delivery mechanisms. In this video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Adam Morgenstern, and Matt Darlington discuss how VDI has changed over the past decade, the differences between virtualization and true VDI, and best practices for successfully deploying VDI for remote workers.

Microsoft Sentinel – Next Gen Protection for a Cloud World

Security is at the forefront of every IT departments mind. Today organizations face unprecedented security challenges, a myriad of threats and increasingly sophisticated attacks – any one of which could cause severe issues to your data and businesses. In this webcast, learn how your organization could benefit from Microsoft Sentinel Sentinel, a cloud-based Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) platform. Topics include:

  • What is Microsoft Sentinel?
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Sentinel
  • Advanced Design and Implementation Strategies
  • Microsoft Sentinel Deployment Best Practices

IT Considerations for IoT Deployment: Devices, Data, Connectivity, Security, and More

The rapid increase of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has created a challenge for IT professionals when it comes to connecting, securing, and managing those devices. In this LinkedIn Live video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini, John O’Shaughnessy, and Rob Parsons engage in a big-picture discussion of the IoT ecosystem. They explore key considerations for successful IoT deployment and best practices for leveraging IoT data to drive business intelligence and transformation.

How IT Can Support Your AI Initiatives

What is AI and what does it really mean for business? In this video, Jason Rader speaks with Juan Orlandini, Kyle Wallace and Tony Paikeday about the role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in supporting businesses across a wide range of sectors and industries. Whether it’s using AI to leverage earlier diagnoses in the medical field or spot fraudulent transactions in banking and financial services, AI provides organizations with powerful algorithms to extract even more value from data. View the video to learn more about how AI can integrate with existing infrastructure while helping businesses modernize and scale.

A Partnership for Business Protection — The Role of Legal in Incident Response

It’s critical to develop a comprehensive plan for responding to a security incident, and to involve legal in the conversation as early as possible. Beyond the technical, internal, and regulatory requirements a business needs to meet, there are legal ramifications to how your business defines and responds to an incident. Join several security experts for this important conversation.

Governing Azure consumption does not have to be time-consuming or difficult - Sept2020

Many organizations realize the need for monitoring and control, but the solution may not be evident. With Insight Cloud Care for Azure, a public cloud managed service for the Microsoft Azure platform, your organization can optimize performance and cloud spend with advanced monitoring tools, management controls, and comprehensive technical support. Tune in as we explore:

  • Insight Cloud Care for Azure
  • How you can manage cloud consumption
  • Offering tiers suited to your needs
  • Your Insight Microsoft Support Team

Taking a Collaborative, Vision-Driven Approach to Information Security

What does it mean to have “Influence without authority” — and what does it have to do with IT security? In this recent LinkedIn Live video, Jason Rader, national director of network and cloud security, spoke with David Hanighen, chief information security officer at Logix Federal Credit Union about the types of organization-wide collaborative efforts IT decision makers should embrace to promote true IT security. They discuss strategies for “moving security from the dark rooms to the board rooms” and achieving IT security success.

Strategies for a Successful Multicloud Environment

What does it mean to be multicloud? How valid are vendor lock-in concerns? What’s the most important component of an efficient multicloud strategy? CDCT experts Jason Rader, Sridhar Vasudevan, and Peter Kraatz answer these questions and more in this live session entitled “The Future of Multicloud.” Discover why multicloud is on its way to becoming the standard and learn how smart organizations are defining, strategizing, and optimizing their approach.

How Windows Virtual Desktop is Helping Organizations Adjust to a Changing Global Climate

As employees are increasingly working from home or other remote locations, a heavy burden has been placed on IT staff to support these workers. Windows Virtual Desktop is one great solution to mitigate this additional workload. Windows Virtual Desktop provides simplified management for true multitenant Windows 10 environments, built on top of the proven security of Microsoft Azure.
Learn about:

  • The basics of Windows Virtual Desktop and the benefits you can realize
  • Best practices for a Windows Virtual Desktop implementation
  • Licensing options available
  • How to get started with offerings from Insight

Is a Plan Enough? Creating Resilience in Response to Cyberattacks

For businesses with any sort of online presence, chances are good that they’ll experience some form of cyberattack in the coming year — if they haven’t already. In this video, CDCT security experts Jeremy Nelson, Doug Martin, and Jason Rader share best practices for creating an effective strategy to prevent incidents, contain threats, limit exposure, and quickly restore business operations if an incident does occur. They explore the value of practicing an incident response plan and the importance of having established partners on retainer so enterprises can act swiftly to mitigate the damage.

Governing Azure consumption does not have to be time-consuming or difficult

Many organizations realize the need for monitoring and control, but the solution may not be evident. With Insight Cloud Care for Azure, a public cloud managed service for the Microsoft Azure platform, your organization can optimize performance and cloud spend with advanced monitoring tools, management controls, and comprehensive technical support. Tune in as we explore:

  • Insight Cloud Care for Azure
  • How you can manage cloud consumption
  • Offering tiers suited to your needs
  • Your Insight Microsoft Support Team

Taking A Modern Approach to Storage

The storage industry is changing quickly — flash, cloud, and storage as a service are key trends. In this video, JP Petty from Pure Storage joins Dean Chyla and Jason Rader from Insight CDCT to discuss modern storage models, decision-making dynamics and criteria, and top challenges in forecasting storage needs over the course of an asset’s lifecycle.

Containerization Without Technical Debt: Evaluating Options and Making the Best Business Decisions

For organizations looking to drive IT transformation and increase productivity and innovation, containerization is an effective way to increase portability, reproducibility, and scalability for applications. In this video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini, and Chris Kapusta discuss the evolution of container technology and best practices for creating a successful containerization strategy and achieving ongoing, cost-effective management. Learn helpful tips for maximizing container usage to maximize elasticity and scalability while avoiding technical debt.

Strengthening Your Modernization Strategy With Automation

While many organizations know the value of automation, they haven’t taken the necessary steps to fully reap the benefits of automating routine IT tasks to improve network functionality. In this video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Jeff Bozic, and Juan Orlandini discuss how automation supports business continuity and resiliency while driving cost savings, efficiency, and IT modernization efforts.

Solving Modern IT Challenges With Managed Services

Increasingly, enterprises are integrating managed services providers into their daily operations in order to meet operational needs and free up time and resources for strategic initiatives for business transformation. In this video, CDCT experts Jason Rader, Phil O’Konski, Steven Walters, and Brandon Lemke discuss some of the key considerations associated with engaging managed services providers as well as the multiple benefits they bring to the table.

Considerations for As a Service/Pay As-You-Go On-Premises Infrastructure

Organizations are looking for flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing models for on-premises infrastructure. While options are increasing at a rapid rate, so too are the models/programs to assess. In addition, architectural considerations differ from those that entail CapEx purchases of infrastructure.

During this session you’ll learn:

  • What As a Service (pay-as-you-go) is/isn’t
  • Key drivers for As a Service
  • Overview of pricing models (consumption vs. service based)
  • Benefits
  • Considerations when assessing viability for your organization

Simplified Architectures & Cost Savings with Nutanix and Insight

Join Insight and Nutanix for a healthcare-focused session around how hyperconverged software unifies private, public, and distributed clouds, and empowers IT providers to deliver better patient outcomes and increased clinical productivity while ensuring cost reductions.
Key topics include:

  • Enhancing productivity with a reliable, consistent user experience so organizations can focus on patient health
  • Ways to maintain business continuity and consolidate workloads
  • How to majorly simplify ongoing operations with a holistic view of your environment

Key Considerations for Hybrid Cloud Environments

Cloud platforms offer scalability, automation, easier innovation, and cost savings, but there are important questions to consider to achieve optimal performance and business outcomes.
During this webcast we’ll cover best practices for hybrid cloud environments, including which workloads thrive in public cloud, how to execute migrations, and how to ensure your data is properly managed and secured.

  • Suitability of the application for a hybrid environment
  • Maintaining compliance for data in the cloud
  • Cloud cost optimization and financial planning
  • Technology and tools for a hybrid cloud strategy
  • Product integration across cloud platforms

Keeping Up With Constant Security Needs: Solutions for Every Security Challenge

A strong security program is more important than ever, yet businesses today face so many obstacles to maintaining an effective, up-to-date program. In this video, CDCT security experts Jason Rader and Evan Rowell discuss the role of a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), common obstacles to a strong security strategy, complex governance concerns, and how to create a security posture that also serves business goals.

Policy-Based Data Management on a Cloud-Scale Architecture

Enterprise NAS backup is challenging. But NetApp, Insight, and Rubrik can help. The three companies have partnered to deliver tightly integrated products, powered by Rubrik’s first-to-market and exclusive access to NetApp SnapDiff APIs for on-prem and cloud.
Join NetApp, Rubrik, and Insight experts to learn more about orchestrating data services on NetApp’s Data Fabric, and how Rubrik and NetApp StorageGRID delivers policy-based automation to simplify all aspects of data management and enable global file-level search, providing customers with instant access to massive amounts of unstructured data.

Storage as a Service — Keystone

Gartner indicates that by 2022, 15% of new deployments of on-premises computing will involve pay-per-use pricing, up from less than 1% in 2019. Pay-per-use, also referred to as consumption-based payment, can include a variety of services, including storage as a service.
Join Kent Christensen and Juan Orlandini, both with Insight, to learn the ins and outs of storage as a service, including how it works, how to determine if it’s the right choice for your organization, and best practices from two customers.

Governance and the Cloud: Creating Security, Efficiency, and Cost Control

A robust governance strategy addresses an organization’s security posture and helps build a healthy foundation for IT policy and best practices. In order to realize the seemingly endless possibilities offered by cloud solutions, a successful strategy must address all governance issues in light of cloud concerns. In this video, Jason Rader and Scott Cameron of CDCT discuss how to build a governance strategy that manages security, operations, approvals, and more to maximize cloud benefits and keep costs on track.

Understand Workload Alignment: When, How, and Why

Proper workload alignment is critical to maximizing IT resources, yet it’s often overlooked during strategy planning. In this video, Jason Rader, national director of network and cloud security at Insight, John O’Shaughnessy, CDCT cloud architect, and Dr. Christopher Collins, executive cloud principal at NetApp, discuss the rationale behind performing a workload alignment. They explain how the workload alignment process can equip IT leaders to understand application landscapes, develop high-level migration plans, identify current and projected costs, and much more.

How You Acquire, Monitor, and Manage Azure Matters to Your Organization

For many organizations, the need to establish clear monitoring capabilities, management controls, and comprehensive technical support can be difficult. Insight Cloud Care is designed to help you consume Microsoft® Azure® at cost competitive rates while optimizing spend and performance.
Join Elliot Baretz, director of Microsoft Services, who will share information about acquiring, monitoring, and managing your Azure environment through Insight Cloud Care.

  • What is Insight Cloud Care for Azure
  • How Insight Cloud Care for Azure makes managing the cloud easy for you
  • Multiple support options to fit your needs
  • Your Insight Cloud Care support team

Accelerate IT Transformation for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a vital initiative. While most organizations know they need to transform, the what and how can vary. Foundational activities such as updating legacy infrastructure and evaluating options for critical workloads are key.
Join Insight Cloud + Data Center Transformation for a session around workload considerations and next-gen data center solutions.
Key takeaways:

  • Considerations around cloud platforms and workload alignment
  • Ways to drive IT transformation to power digital innovation
  • How to simplify data center management leveraging converged and hyperconverged solutions from top Insight partners such as Cisco, NetApp, and Pure Storage

Is Hybrid the Best Fit? Choosing, Adopting, and Managing a Hybrid Cloud Approach

To maximize cloud solutions, organizations must ensure that their cloud strategy supports their strategic objectives. Increasingly, IT leaders are recognizing that hybrid cloud models offer the best of both public and private cloud solutions. In this video, Insight experts Jason Rader, Juan Orlandini and Chris Kapusta discuss important points to consider when choosing hybrid cloud architecture, as well as offering strategies for optimizing hybrid cloud models and solutions for common challenges.

Providing Secure Infrastructure for the Future of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing exponentially, and IoT devices are on the rise. Not only does this bring new business opportunities, it also increases IT demands. In this video, Mike Moore and Rob Parsons of CDCT discuss how IT leaders can harness the power of IoT for positive business impact. They cover how strategies like effective segmentation and workflow identification can address IoT security challenges, and the importance of taking a big-picture approach to identify the most effective solutions for every IoT-related need.

How to Increase Your Security Posture with Azure

Security is always a top concern for IT professionals, but given today’s business climate it may be time to reevaluate your security posture.
During this webcast, we’ll uncover best practices and tools to help ensure you have visibility and controls across your Azure environment. Our technical experts will do a deep dive into security configurations, sophisticated attacks and maintaining compliance over your workloads - VM’s, application services and containers.

  • Receive an overview of Microsoft’s cloud security reference framework
  • Learn how to configure and manage your environment as well as secure applications with Azure Security Center
  • Discover how Microsoft Sentinel provides in-depth visibility across your hybrid environment

Flexibility Matters: How to Adopt As a Service Models

As a service solutions offer great value to organizations looking for cost-effective ways to drive IT transformation. In this video, Jason Rader, director of network and cloud security, Chief Architect Juan Orlandini, and Kent Christensen, cloud practice director at Insight, discuss how the flexibility to pay as you go and scale as needed make these service models an increasingly attractive choice for improving infrastructure and reducing financial risk.

Storage: Redefining Purpose and Intention

In today’s IT ecosystem, data is a key asset. A solid storage strategy plays an important role in driving IT modernization and business transformation.

In this video, Jason Rader, Tim Cook, and Jeff Bozic discuss some of the critical considerations that underpin a successful data storage strategy. They address how enterprises can incorporate known factors, such as why data is stored and how it is accessed, into their decision-making and adopt a new storage approach that achieves better business value from this asset.

How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks

Is your business ready for potential ransomware attacks? Despite the variety of security solutions available, ransomware attacks continue to cause serious trouble for businesses.
Join Insight’s security experts to hear about strategies that are essential to mitigate the risk and severity of ransomware attacks.

Key takeaways:

  • The prevalence of ransomware that warrants specific security measures
  • How to choose effective and secure business technologies that are properly managed and maintained
  • Optimizing the use of tools such as multifactor authentication, as passwords alone are insufficient protection
  • Auditing and updating backup processes to secure against the risk of having data held hostage

Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy with Cloud Economics

Businesses today are always looking at ways to optimize their software spend. IT departments are often expected to seamlessly implement and operationalize new technologies at a rapid rate. With the increased demand for a secure remote workforce, have you evaluated your cloud strategy lately to identify potential cost savings?
Upgrading your current infrastructure to the cloud can be overwhelming, but our Cloud Economics team is here to help. Watch this webcast for a discussion on best practices in leveraging Microsoft Azure to accelerate your digital transformation journey.


  • How to identify the first steps in your journey to the cloud
  • Understand the cost benefits with a Cloud Economic Assessment
  • Combine data center & cloud solutions through hybrid license options
  • Discuss data and security with a cloud infrastructure
  • Data Migration and possible funding
Speaker: Bob Agno, Director of Consulting Services and Cloud Economics

Does Your Security Program Have All Your Bases Covered?

What does it mean to cover all your bases from a security perspective? As organizations rely more on a remote workforce and turn to public cloud solutions, this question takes on a new level of urgency.

In this video, CDCT security experts Jason Rader and Scott Ammon discuss the importance of being able to communicate how security efforts support the business, the need to create a culture where security is built into development, and understanding the role of risk in security planning. Watch how they make a case for “moving security out of the darkroom and into the board room” as part of business transformation.

Microsoft Sentinel Setup and Configuration

Learn to set up and use Microsoft Sentinel, a powerful, scalable, cloud security tool. This video covers initial setup, configuration, making connections, and offers a helpful demonstration to clarify these processes.

How to Investigate Incidents in Microsoft Sentinel - Live Demo

Microsoft Sentinel offers many benefits, including the ability to collect security data across the entire hybrid enterprise, and built-in artificial intelligence that can identify security threats before they cause harm. This webinar will provide an overview of Microsoft Sentinel features, with a live demo on how to perform investigations so you can quickly and easily identify threats. This includes:

  • How to use Microsoft Sentinel after set-up is complete
  • The analytic rule used to detect incidents
  • Tips for uncovering opportunities
  • What an incident looks like and how to investigate it
Speakers: Jason Rader, National Practice Director of Network and Cloud Security Tony Manelli, Managing Principal of IT Security Gary Bushey, Cloud Security Architect

A Conversation About Business Continuity and Resiliency

What does it mean to have a robust business continuity and resiliency strategy? In this video, CDCT experts discuss the components of resilient IT environment and how cloud solutions can help enterprises meet business continuity objectives.

How to Get More Value Out of Cloud

As organizations look to drive cost out of IT and develop additional capabilities, the question they're all trying to answer is: How Do You Get More Value Out of Cloud? Successful cloud journeys begin with strategy and design that ensures cloud is a viable long-term platform with adequate controls for administration and cost management. What should you plan for in your strategy and design? What steps do successful cloud journeys start with? Join Scott Cameron, Principal Cloud Architect, at Insight for an overview and practical tips on how to maximize the value of cloud. Topics span:

  • Landing zone governance
  • Cost reporting and management
  • Optimizing data movement
  • Leveraging the edge
  • Cloud computing patterns and optimizations
  • Right-sizing, automating, and scaling under-utilized resources
  • Cloud platform decisions and licensing implications

Cost Optimization Strategies for Your AWS Environment

Join Insight’s AWS experts to learn best practices for reducing costs, improving security, and increasing governance across your AWS environment. This webinar will cover:

  • Gaining control over cloud costs to capitalize on the total business value
  • Strategies to secure, manage, and govern your AWS environment
  • Simplifying cloud management to relieve IT teams of excessive manual tasks
  • Ways to easily scale or make changes to your cloud environment to adapt to business goals
  • How Insight helped a government contractor optimize its AWS billing, improve its AWS environment, and uncover significant cost savings of underutilized instances

Take Control of Your Cloud Costs

Moving to cloud-native solutions can bring great benefits and value to enterprises. Controlling cloud costs requires IT leaders to shift their perspective and processes, though. In this video, CDCT experts John O’Shaughnessy, Scott Cameron, and Peter Kraatz discuss how a better understanding of cloud applications and consumption, various provider offerings, workload alignment, and data management tools can lead to better cloud cost control and drive business value for organizations.

Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks

Despite the proliferation of security point solutions being deployed, organizations continue to experience ransomware attacks. Join Practice Director of Network and Cloud Security Jason Rader and Director of Penetration Testing Services Tunde Odeleye for a LinkedIn Live session covering how ransomware can impact an organization and what you can do you safeguard your users, data, and business from such an attack.

Securing Your Cloud-Enabled Organization

During this live webinar, hear security consultants from both Insight and Palo Alto Networks discuss how to develop and implement cloud best practices for risk reduction, compliance and data protection. Key topics include:

  • Strategies for securing remote workforces and addressing increased traffic, users and devices
  • How to deploy protection based on Zero Trust across cloud environments, including public cloud, private cloud, internet and SaaS
  • Leveraging innovative tools, such as Palo Alto’s Prisma Access platform that combines industry-leading security and SD-WAN capabilities in the cloud
  • Hear how we helped a civil engineering firm achieve a more efficient and secure network architecture to enable remote work

The Software-Defined Approach to Transforming your Data Center

The software-defined data center (SDDC) enables customers to maintain consistent policy, security, and management regardless of the underlying infrastructure and across multiple platforms. Join Insight for a webcast to learn:

  • The benefits that a SDDC can bring to you organization
  • Key factors to consider when selecting a SDDC solution
  • Steps to position your infrastructure for a successful SDDC integration

The Software-Defined Approach to Transforming your Network

By 2024, 60% of organizations will have implemented SD-WAN to increase agility and enhance support for cloud applications. (Gartner, 2019) With improved business agility and application performance, it's apparent why organizations across all verticals are incorporating SD-WAN into their next generation integrated networking and security infrastructure. Join Insight for a webcast to learn:

  • Benefits that SD-WAN can bring to your organization
  • Key factors to consider when selecting an SD-WAN solution
  • Steps to position you for successful integration of SD-WAN into your existing infrastructure

Insight Cloud Care for Azure

Insight Cloud Care for Azure is a public cloud managed service designed to provide best-in-class monitoring, management and technical support for the Microsoft Azure platform. Join us to find out more about Insight Cloud Care for Azure from Insight’s own Elliott Baretz, Director of Microsoft Services. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The benefits of how Insight Cloud Care for Azure can make your organization more efficient.
  • Who and where to engage your Insight Microsoft Team to learn more about how Insight Cloud Care for Azure can make your IT infrastructure more efficient, productive, and flexible.

Rapid Deployment of Temporary Hospital Network Solutions

The need for mobile healthcare facilities has never been greater. We are seeing an overwhelming need to support our clients with networking solutions to facilitate the rapid distribution of temporary testing facilities, triage centers and remote hospitals. Join Insight for a webcast to learn:

  • Key factors to consider when selecting a portable wireless networking solution
  • How your organization can rapidly stand up a mobile hospital and/or testing center
  • Overview of Insight’s HIPAA-compliant mobile wireless solution
Developing a Could Governance Model

Developing a Cloud Governance Model

Today’s organizations are moving rapidly to the cloud, and in some cases, it has become the default approach for IT infrastructure. However, in the rush to the cloud, not every organization has done a thorough review of all aspects, often missing out on the importance of a strong cloud governance approach. This webinar will review the key issues in cloud governance, and how they should be evaluated.

Build a Migration Roadmap

Build a Migration Roadmap for Windows/SQL Server 2008 End of Support (EOS)

Watch this webinar to understand your migration options available for Windows Server® and SQL Server® 2008. With EOS dates nearing, it’s critical for businesses with these technologies installed to act now in order to maintain regulatory compliance, secure against cyberthreats, and ensure data privacy and protection. It’s also a prime opportunity to consider kick-starting modernization initiatives.

Ensure Effective Remote Workforce Strategy and  Business Continuity

Ensure Effective Remote Workforce Strategy & Business Continuity

Join Insight Cloud & Data Center Transformation for a webinar where we’ll discuss how to more effectively empower your remote workforce and ensure you are meeting the technology, security, and business continuity requirements of your organization.

Strengthen Your Security Environment with Microsoft Sentinel

Businesses today are facing new challenges and disruptions to their day-to-day operations. As they take quick actions to support remote workers, security is sometimes an afterthought, increasing the risk for cyberthreats. For some, a new security tool is deployed as a quick fix solution – adding complexity and decreasing visibility across their entire security environment. With an increased demand on networks and cloud platforms – you need a modern security strategy. During this webcast learn how to improve your security posture and leverage cutting edge tools from Microsoft, including Microsoft Sentinel. This webinar will cover:

  • The current state of security and common challenges organizations are facing in today’s environment
  • Understanding the role of a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system
  • How to use Microsoft Sentinel to quickly and accurately identify security threats
  • Strategies for cost-saving, and tools integration with existing solutions
  • How Insight helped an NBA team migrate from its existing SIEM to Microsoft Sentinel and realize improvements in detection capabilities and response times

Bridging the Gap Between Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds

Data is the anchor across most organizations’ cloud strategies. When there are missteps in how companies align their data, they increase their risk and cost by 2-3x. Keystone provides a bridge between private, hybrid and public clouds, aligning objectives. Watch as Kent Christensen, Insight’s CDCT Practice Director, and Sunitha Rao, NetApp’s Sr Director Product Management, discuss the latest in NetApp’s data management story and where Keystone fits in.
Key takeaways:

  • How IT leaders focused on risk mitigation and cost management can accomplish their goals while continuing transformation efforts.
  • Options for subscribing to the amount of storage and computer hardware you need, while benefiting from on-premises cloud consumption services.
  • The expertise required to align Keystone with public cloud, networking, security and more, and develop a cohesive strategy.