2 PART 1 Empirical findings In September 2017, Datalink commissioned IDG Research to conduct a survey of 142 IT professionals about IT transformation. The results clarify the central obstacles and opportunities for IT leaders today — particularly when it comes to public cloud deployment. The important thing to understand is: Retrenchment doesn’t need to happen. It runs counterintuitive to today’s typical IT strategy to leverage the cloud for cost savings and added agility. This ebook offers guidelines for those considering moving workloads to public cloud.By following the best practices provided here,enterprises can increase the likelihood of a successful move to the public cloud that will result in greater long-term value for the organization. said their organizations had moved one or more workloads away from the public cloud to an on- premises model. #1: More than half (52%) of surveyed IT leaders than they were one year ago when considering public cloud adoption. #3: 76% of IT leaders are more cautious now Reasons for repatriation included #2: concerns about control over resources or data; pressure to meet regulatory compliance requirements; security concerns; lack of monitoring capabilities; and high costs. A better approach to public cloud Datalink SVP and GM, Shawn O’Grady, shares how to be successful with public cloud adoption.