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Support specific IT initiatives, bridge skill gaps, or complement your existing IT team with additional technical skills. Residency Services let you leverage our worldwide network of experienced professionals.

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Securing key talent can be difficult. The most qualified candidates are often already placed or may be aging out of the workforce. Upskilling your team is a great option but can create support or maintenance gaps. Extra challenges arise when a business undergoes organizational changes that necessitate changes in IT.

From helping you transform your IT environment to establishing an operational steady state, we provide the people and support you need to get the job done.

And, if you’re thinking about outsourcing your technical team, Insight can help with that, too. We provide Residency as a Service that complements your technical support with a turnkey service that includes IT staff, HR management, and reporting and metrics.

Residency Services brief

The right people are key to achieving your business objectives. Learn how we can help you source, place, and manage additions to your team.

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Broad expertise

We find, train, and place individuals who can help your organization achieve specific goals in many different focus areas.

  • Administration and management
    • Storage
    • Virtualization
    • Backup and recovery
    • Network
    • Voice
    • Security
    • Cloud
    • Database
    • Operating systems
  • Automation
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Project management
  • Business analytics
  • Compliance and quality assurance
  • Web and application development
  • Information architecture knowledge transfer

Success stories

How might you leverage Residency Services? Here are just a few ways that our clients have benefited from our help:
Appliance repair company

Challenge: The company adopted a multicloud strategy and moved a number of workloads to AWS. But, its IT team lacked AWS skills and did not have the bandwidth to manage two IT environments.

Solution: By bringing in 10 residents with project management, Linux, AIX, database administration, storage, and batch scripting skills, Insight helped the company augment its IT organization to support the new AWS environment.

Computer software firm

Challenge: The firm was undergoing an accelerated reorg and needed help moving several IT environments out of the parent company’s infrastructure to support the spinoff of one of the company’s divisions.

Solution: Insight provided three residents to migrate the company’s Jira, Artifactory, and Gitlab environments to Microsoft Azure, as well as set up a DevOps infrastructure to facilitate rapid deployment.

Multinational brewing company

Challenge: The company executed a corporate mandate to modernize its IT environment by adopting a cloud-first strategy. The timeline was extremely tight, and the company’s IT staff had minimal cloud experience.

Solution: The company was able to expedite the initiative and maintain business-critical IT operations by leveraging Insight residents skilled in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Citrix, and advanced engineering.


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Residency, contract, and temporary opportunities are a great way to build skills and connections. Find diverse positions with companies across industries. We’re always looking for top talent and do our best to make your job search easy.

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