Data and AI

Companies that prioritize data analytics and intelligence gain leagues of advantages over competitors. Harness the power and potential of your data with repeatable processes, scalable solutions, and decades of experience on your side.

Innovation — powered by information

Whether you’re a CIO, data scientist, or an IT manager — you understand that data insights can help solve business problems faster. But operationalizing data with strategies that consider multiple business lines can be daunting.

Insight assesses current data landscapes, develops modern applications, modernizes existing applications and platforms, builds AI ideation and data-backed AI solutions, and provides supporting infrastructure — delivering exceptional and in-demand business outcomes. We’ll help you:

  • Identify best use cases based on unique pain points and strategic objectives.
  • Ensure a reliable infrastructure that can support data and AI initiatives.
  • Foster a culture of innovation, accuracy, and productivity while reducing costs and manual errors.
  • Innovate products and services faster and at scale by increasing time to insights.
  • Apply best practices from strategy to development, configuration, ongoing monitoring, and more.

Is your infrastructure ready for innovating with data and AI? Discover how we can help you build, integrate, secure, and maintain a modern data platform environment for business impact. Learn more.

10 Game-Changing Use Cases for Data & AI

View this infographic to see how AI is answering real-world problems with innovative solutions in five major global industries.

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Considerations for getting started

Starting to think about taking business to the next level with data and AI? There are a few key considerations you don’t want to overlook. Watch this brief video to hear Insight data and AI experts talk about what to think through before making your next move, from basic capabilities to change management across the organization.

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Core capabilities

Modern data platforms, cloud, and infrastructure

Modern data platforms, cloud, and infrastructure

Use case development, design, and solution implementation

Use case development, design, and solution implementation

Business intelligence and advanced data analytics

Business intelligence and advanced data analytics

Natural language solutions

Natural language solutions

Data & analytics estate development/re-development and unification

Data and analytics estate development/re-development and unification

Big data, data lakes and warehousing

Big data, data lakes, and warehousing



Security and governance

Security and governance

The components of a modern data estate

Ready to unlock the power of data and AI? There are five core components to a growth-focused data estate — discover what those are and how they drive real-world business impact in this infographic.

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Why Insight for Data and AI

The goal for data and AI applications is to solve business problems, making your business faster, smarter, and more successful at achieving desired outcomes. Insight has the experience across industries, world-class IT strategy, and end-to-end technical expertise to operationalize and optimize solutions to solve your unique challenges.

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Deep skills and strategic partnerships

Insight brings multidisciplinary expertise and hardened skills across the industry’s most trusted brands. The result: a depth of vision most solution integrators can’t contend with.

Accelerate time to value with a data approach that balances speed and strategy. Talk to our experts to get started.