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The security landscape today is much different than it was just two years ago, and the pace of change is nonstop. Security challenges change as the data landscape evolves, and ransomware has evolved ahead of the rest to become one of the top cybersecurity threats facing businesses today.

A multilayered approach

Ransomware attacks are increasingly sophisticated. They can begin and end almost anywhere in your environment, sometimes taking days and months to wreak havoc. All businesses are susceptible to an attack, as is evidenced by the haunting frequency of ransomware news stories.

It’s key to understand that there are two sides of the coin: risk avoidance, or mitigating away as much risk as possible through network segmentation, endpoint protection, and user education; and risk minimization, achieved by establishing a solid data protection framework that spares you from having to pay ransom for data retrieval.

Both focus areas need to be considered across your environment, through these lenses:


Identity — Strengthen security from within your organization by identifying and implementing effective identity-based security tools like Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Endpoints and devices

Endpoints and devices — Protect your workforce by protecting your attack surface with intelligent endpoint solutions for data storage and protection.


Networks — Protect your perimeter and internal networks with Zero Trust solutions spanning encryption, network detection and response controls, and remote access systems.


Infrastructure — Modernize the infrastructure you use to store, protect, and manage your data and ensure reliable, protected backup and recovery in case of an event.

Every organization’s approach to ransomware readiness will be different, based on factors like the quantity and nature of your data and the complexity of your IT infrastructure.

Insight can help you evaluate your current security stance in light of the evolving threat of ransomware and take a holistic approach to cybersecurity that protects every layer of your IT environment and matches your organization’s specific needs. Learn more with the solution brief.

6 strategies for ransomware protection

Creating security at the identity, endpoint, network, and infrastructure layers is critical for comprehensive risk mitigation. The whitepaper “How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks” outlines six effective security strategies you can begin to implement now to create an environment with more resilience against ransomware.

Read the whitepaper

A question of readiness

Too many organizations believe that they have no choice but to pay ransom once an attacker gets hold of critical data. As a result, ransoms are being paid more often and the amounts required are growing rapidly. Ransom payments more than doubled in 2020, from an average $111,605 to $233,817.1

Evaluate your readiness for handling a ransomware attack by asking yourself the following:

  • Do you have segmentation and other risk avoidance strategies in place?
  • Are your backups on a modern and up-to-date data protection platform?
  • Are your backups stored on systems protected from ransomware?
  • Can you recover your entire environment (not just systems or files) in hours?

For more help with ransomware readiness, contact our team to inquire about an assessment customized to your needs and goals. Also, read the ebook “4 Best Practices for Ransomware Readiness” for actionable tips.

Stop ransomware in its tracks

Understanding ransomware, how it works, and what’s at stake is a good place to start. The webcast Stop Ransomware in Its Tracks offers an overview of the many ways ransomware can infect and impact your systems, data, and users, and A Partnership for Business Protection outlines some of the legal implications of an incident and the role of legal in incident response. Read The Single Best Way to Secure Against Ransomware and Other Top Threats to learn how Managed Security services offer unparalleled protection. 

Reduce the likelihood of ransomware incidents and mitigate risk with Insight. We can help you with every step of protecting every layer of your infrastructure. From assessment and planning to full implementation, our solutions deliver immutable data protection, intelligent threat detection and prevention, and architectures designed to strengthen security across your entire IT environment.

Ransomware attacks are growing in strength and severity. Ensure your infrastructure is prepared to withstand the threat to your most valuable asset — your data.
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