Application innovation

The number of applications in use is growing exponentially — using them to differentiate your business identity, offerings, and user experiences is critical. Lean on Insight’s expertise to help build and execute your vision.

Applications that defy expectations

Transformation through software has become a mandate for every business. Delivering on this promise secures your ability to achieve new levels of efficiency, differentiation, security, and beyond. Create new applications with Insight’s help. We bring a unique approach to application innovation, applying a user-centered design process with custom, Agile-based software development to build enterprise-grade applications using the latest technologies.

Partner with us to:

  • Drive alignment between IT, developers, and the business.
  • Establish common goals, priorities, and project milestones.
  • Leverage our extensive technical skills while expanding in-house knowledge that will add value back to the business over time.

Read this ebook to learn more about creating a modern application environment.

Modern Infrastructure for Modern Apps

Modern applications drive the innovative experiences that set industry leaders apart. Where does your organization stand with AppDev and deployment? Learn how modern infrastructures like HCI can help.

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Driven by user research

Understanding user expectations helps anticipate application requirements, reduces risk, and uncovers issues earlier in the development process. Leverage a human-centered process that aligns researchers and designers, pinpoints user obstacles and application solutions — and drives positive impact across the whole product pipeline.

Get expert help:

  • Creating new cloud, web, and mobile applications
  • Defining use cases based on friction points
  • Enhancing or updating current software
  • Vetting a third-party solution

Lay the groundwork for success.

A common roadblock on the app innovation journey is not knowing where to start. What opportunities will create business value through apps and data? Which projects need to be prioritized first? How will existing processes be impacted?

Create clarity around first steps with an Apps & Data Modernization Align Session. This one- to two-day engagement helps you pinpoint the best use cases across data warehousing, data platforms and analytics, AI, and more — as well as outline user journeys, dependencies, existing technologies, and beyond.

Learn more in this solution brief.

Featured client story:

A national retailer with thousands of locations and 500,000 employees


A siloed and inefficient application environment that inhibited speedy development and impacted user experience


Adoption of Agile, a new mobile reference architecture and pattern library, and clearly defined wireframes, personas, and user journeys


Immersive technology

Adding, changing, removing, or replicating the physical world with digital or simulated content and interfaces opens up a world of possibilities. Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR) are starting to play a major role in business transformation, and Insight is here to help you adapt. We build full-scale immersive technology solutions that pair cutting-edge products with customized application development. Clients across industries have been able to:

Reimagine selling motions with unique product showcasing applications.

Shorten repair times with interactive, remote support solutions.

Better visualize how a new technology or product could add business value.

Empower risk-free training in a highly realistic format.

Interested in seeing how we could help your organization? Consider a Virtual Reality Fast Start. Learn more here.

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