Governance, Risk Management, and
Compliance (GRC)

Managing enterprisewide risk is a monumental task often made more complex by siloed programs. Lean on Insight to build an effective GRC strategy that streamlines activities around operational management, business risk, and regulatory standards — while supporting strategic business goals.

Unify GRC processes.

Poorly executed GRC activities don’t just leave the enterprise open to vulnerability — they can also give rise to additional issues like complexity, higher costs, reduced performance, limited visibility, and fragmentation.

To gain the most from your GRC strategy, you need an approach that unifies every part of the equation. A well-executed GRC framework builds in efficiencies and unites efforts across programs to deliver:

  • Complete visibility into threats
  • Reliable compliance with regulatory standards
  • Integrative vulnerability and risk management
  • Improved efficiencies in governance processes
  • Cost-effective solutions that support the business

Work with Insight to define, implement, and manage the models and programs you need to adhere to internal and external standards.

Insight is an authorized HITRUST External Assessor (EA).

Insight has made significant investments in HITRUST — the industry’s leading platform for GRC security and privacy assessment. As an approved HITRUST EA organization, Insight can assist organizations in performing formal HITRUST Readiness Assessments as well as validate HITRUST compliance.

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Your partner for PCI

The impact of noncompliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards can severely hinder business. But positioning resources to align to standards is time-intensive. Lean on our end-to-end expertise in PCI risk management to cover your bases. We can help you:

Leverage PCI assessments

Leverage PCI assessments to uncover opportunities for improvement.

Implement and integrate technologies

Implement and integrate technologies and processes for compliance across all four PCI standards (PCI DSS, PA DSS, PCI PTS, and PCI PTS).

Adapt quickly to changing PCI requirements.

Adapt quickly to changing PCI requirements.

Map your PCI controls

Map your PCI controls to other frameworks (such as those required by HIPAA or DOD).

Unify multiple frameworks and standards

Unify multiple frameworks and standards under one framework, such as HITRUST.

Avoid business-impacting fines and fees

Avoid business-impacting fines and fees.

Boost customer and employee confidence

Boost customer and employee confidence in your business, and create brand trust.

Reduce the overall damage of data breaches.

Reduce the overall damage of data breaches.

Security expertise for every phase

Insight’s security teams have helped organizations globally manage security, risk, and compliance for decades. From developing your GRC strategy from the ground up to refining processes already in place, we can help at every point in the process.



Insight Managed Security services

Industry-hardened best practices and cutting-edge risk mitigation from Insight’s Managed Security team enable clients to fortify enterprise security with resources that act as an extension of your team. Our security services span every phase of security from detection and response to total management of the Security Operations Center (SOC).

Offerings include:

IT transformation isn’t just a technology decision — it’s a strategic move for modern businesses. We’re here to help.