Platform migration & consolidation

Central to transformation is leveraging the right platforms across data center, cloud, and the edge. Develop the optimal platform strategy, execute migrations with speed and accuracy, and consolidate data centers with our expert help.

A multifaceted endeavor

Organizations have the difficult job of balancing countless priorities when selecting the right platforms and architecture. Cost, security, compliance, data protection, business continuity/disaster recovery, agility, scale, and innovation are all factors in the decision-making process.

Once you land on a solid platform strategy, the next step is often a sizable one: migrate and/or consolidate. Achieving your vision in the most timely and secure fashion requires outside support from a team like Insight that understands the varying dynamics of data center, cloud, and edge environments.

Leveraging more than three decades of experience, we can help you ensure:

  • Platform strategies are optimized per business needs and objectives.
  • Comprehensive discovery and planning is conducted for a seamless transition without technical debt.
  • Stagnant data, abandoned applications, and discrepancies are identified and addressed.
  • Availability, scalability, security, and efficiency targets are met throughout move events.
  • End states are set for success with proper management and governance.

Extinguishing Tech Debt From Your Environment

Rushed adoption of new platforms and technologies is a catalyst for creating complex and costly technical debt. This infographic describes the challenges and offers a way out.

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Migrate and consolidate with confidence

Moving from one data center to another, or to/from data centers and cloud platforms, is a major endeavor with many risks at play. Most businesses cannot afford much downtime, and no business wants to lose data during a migration.

We’ve identified three pillars to success with data center migration and consolidation — and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Discovery and audit
Discovery and audit

Substantial groundwork is required prior to migration or consolidation. All systems and workloads must be mapped, as do application, server, and infrastructure dependencies and criticalities. Out-of-the-box tools are often not enough.

We created and use SnapStart discovery engine to help you rapidly and comprehensively identify, map, and prioritize your IT environment in preparation for migration and other transformation activity. Our consultants work side by side with your team to streamline before migrating to reduce costs, risk, and time.

Proven methodology

It's all too easy for migration issues to derail transformation. Stay on track with our proven methodology and guiding principles, honed over decades of migration and data center consolidation services delivery.

  • Planning is the number-one most important part of any migration.
  • Business critical applications can seldom take extended outages.
  • Focus on migrating workloads versus systems and understand the impact of business processes.
  • Align appropriate data migration tools and techniques based on the data, locations, performance, and SLAs versus a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Always consider the impact of the data center on compliance, security, business continuity, and disaster recovery.


Time-tested approach

Our process is exacting, no matter whether we’re working on-site or remotely. For remote migration services, our team provides additional tabletop exercises, monitoring, and support to ensure your on-site staff can be successful.

  1. Application mapping planning — Define move groups, implementation plans, and day-of-move plans
  2. New site validation — Validate configuration and connectivity and define migration contingency plans
  3. Move schedule development — Determine outage windows, bandwidth, personnel availability, budget, and acceleration drivers versus risk tolerance
  4. Runbook development
  5. Planning signoff


See what you have — fast.

Many organizations operate without a working knowledge of what is in the IT environment and where. Having decommissioned, end-of-life, or other unidentified/unknown assets creates vulnerabilities and threat vectors, drains operational resources, and makes it that much more challenging to migrate or consolidate.

SnapStart discovery engine helps our consultants simplify and accelerate discovery of IT environments across data centers, cloud, and the edge. Learn more about SnapStart here.

Key benefits and features:

  • Scans 10-20X faster than any other discovery tool.
  • Identifies cloud-ready applications.
  • Requires no off-siting of data, for maximum security.
  • Runs from a laptop or VM.
  • Works with any third-party tool.

Trusted by thousands

Businesses look to us as one of the most trusted transformation partners in the industry.

>1 exabyte of data & millions of workloads migrated
1,000s of data centers migrated and secured
Approximately 1 million devices discovered, analyzed and remediated for cloud readiness
Approximately 1 billion dollars cost savings identified for clients
30 plus years of data center experience


Consolidate for new efficiencies.

More isn’t necessarily more, and bigger isn’t necessarily better. In many cases, achieving cost-effective scale, agility, and security begins with data center consolidation. Yet the experience needed to successfully consolidate is not common knowledge for IT operations teams.

Whether you need to architect and deploy a new data center, rearchitect an existing one, or merge multiple data centers with differing processes, teams, and technologies — we can guide you through the entire consolidation process. Expect results that improve service levels, increase internal communication and process consistency, support growth, and reduce risk.

Get inspired with the following client stories:


Migrate to the cloud.

Speed, scale, flexibility, and cost savings compel businesses to prioritize cloud transformation initiatives. Actualizing a shift to the cloud, whether in part or fully adopting a cloud-native stance, is a big lift that requires effort and attention from many aspects of the business.

Migration is often a starting point — determining what can and should move to the cloud and how to get it there. Insight is an expert resource to leverage during this and all proceeding phases of cloud transformation.

We can support your business with:


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