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Software-defined technologies

Cloud, IoT, and modernization initiatives are putting pressure on traditional networks and infrastructure. Software-defined approaches simplify administration and management, while bringing a host of other business benefits.

Traffic patterns in businesses today have shifted. Many critical applications are cloud-based, such as Salesforce, Office 365, and Dropbox. Remote users require more bandwidth to access these applications, as well as to stream media and perform other central functions.

Additionally, the complexity of modern environments takes its toll on IT and the business. At its worst, you wind up with discrete IT and process silos that hamstring the business’s operational agility and make for poor experiences.

Software-defined technologies are used strategically to help organizations:

  • Simplify IT management.
  • Automate workflows.
  • Reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Lower the risk of human errors.
  • Increase IT’s ability to respond to business demands.

Taking a software-defined approach — via Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), Software-Defined Local Area Networking (SD-LAN), and Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)  — can also reduce costs for hardware, management, and maintenance for significant savings over time.

Insight is an integral resource for you on your path to software-defined. We can help you identify opportunities, build and implement solutions, and optimize your environment to have the most business impact. We can also provide comprehensive IT outsourcing to manage and operate your SD-WAN solutions with Managed SD-WAN services — a simple way to ensure your organization realizes all the benefits possible from your SD-WAN environment.

Flexibility First — The SDDC and Modern Data Center Strategies

As businesses continue to advance digital transformation, a “choose your cloud” style data center, where all infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service, may be a wise choice. Learn more about the Software-Defined Data Center.

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Delivering for you

Insight is uniquely positioned with a client-focused viewpoint of the software-defined marketplace. We apply our experience to your specific needs to pinpoint the best available solutions for your organization, no matter the industry, business requirements, or objectives. 

Ask us about:

  • Network Modernization Assessment
  • Solution selection/SD-WAN Workshop
  • SD-WAN or SDDC Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • SDDC Readiness Assessment
  • Design services and migration planning
  • Limited production deployment
  • Full production rollout
  • Residency Services and Managed Services 

SD-WAN as a springboard for change

SD-WAN leads the way for true business transformation, allowing the business to focus on delivery of services with optimized application performance and enhanced end-user experience.

A revolutionary step in WAN and cloud connectivity, SD-WAN uses software- and cloud-based technologies to streamline the operation, management, and service delivery of traditional WAN architectures by decoupling the networking hardware from the management and control planes. SD-WAN solutions also leverage orchestration and automation to provide enhanced security, visibility, and analytics into the WAN.
Provides optimal connectivity.
Data plane function and orchestration are delivered in the cloud to provide direct and optimized access to cloud as well as on-premises resources.
Automates branch deployments.
Accelerate time to value for remote and branch office additions. Automatic WAN circuit discovery and monitoring eliminates link-by-link and branch-by-branch configuration.
Enables bandwidth expansion.
SD-WAN increases bandwidth economically by aggregating WAN circuits of any type, providing faster response even for single application flows.
Supports virtual services.
The SD-WAN platform can host multiple virtualized network functions to eliminate single-function appliances and reduce branch IT complexity.

SD-WAN benefits

Lower-cost circuit flexibility, Improved business productivity
12x reduction in change control time
Increased uptime and reliability, Centralized visibility and control
5x better Office 365 performance
20-50%25 increase in bandwidth on average

Virtualizing the data center

A Software-Defined Data Center, or virtual data center, offers the ultimate in modern management by extending the concept of virtualization to all resources and services within a data center (networking, storage, monitoring). 

By abstracting, pooling, and automating data center resources, a business can better harness orchestration and policy-based controls to reduce manual input, gain efficiencies, and prioritize more strategic IT activities.

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